So many millions of us are living with the anger and frustration of having an obviously despicable human being as President,  that in our discomfort and discontent all we desire is his removal from office.  One doesn’t need polls to understand how detested Trump is worldwide and the widespread repugnance towards him felt by humanity.  The human reaction when confronted daily with such a horror, is to wish it gone with every fiber of our being, so that we could make this torture of our collective guts just go away.

The myth of America we’ve all grown up  with, even for many of our oppressed citizens of color,  is an exceptional America.  So much of what we’ve learned in our lives about our country has been created via the myth of the American Dream,  so that even the most cynical among us somehow believe on a gut level that our heritage and our Constitution will save us.  This is why we all have such hopes that Robert Mueller’s investigations will reveal such hideous truths about the Trump cohort, that it will move the Republican Congressional majorities to impeach him.  We need to be careful what we wish for, lest it implodes to our detriment.

Such is the nature of our collective national anxiety that many understandably feel that if we can just get this evil clown out of office, that all will be well again in the land of the free and the home of the brave………It won’t.  When we arrange his Constitutional removal and I think we will, our struggle will just be beginning.  Mike Pence represents all that is wrong with those right wing Christians who have hi-jacked Jesus’ teachings into an unrecognizable (in terms of the Gospels) amalgam of laissez faire capitalism, racist bigotry, sexual repression and Republican Party Politics.  As congressman from and then governor of IndianaPence could be described as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers political operation, as this Google page shows.

If he becomes President, Pence would be eligible to run for two full terms and would do so with all the Koch billions backing him. President Pence’s political agenda would be further to the right than Trump’s and lead to greater oppression, in the name of religious freedom for Christians. The difference would be that the current Vice President speaks mildly, with good grammar and a mature vocabulary, unlike you know who.  We would see a further repression of women’s autonomy,  LBGT rights and Latino citizenship.  Under Pence we would see a further escalation of the “War on Drugs”and a rise in repression of people of color, including a virtual police license to kill.

My point is although most Americans and people from other lands would breathe a collective sigh of relief the day Trump is forced from office,  his removal should just be the first victory in a campaign to take back our country from those who would pervert it into a vision of a capitalist oligarchy led by an aristocracy of wealth.  Our political enemies in this struggle can be identified as the House’s Freedom Caucuswho are the descendants of the phony tea party movement,  created by billionaire oligarchs to fraudulently represent the American “grass roots”.

Resistance must mean taking back Congress in 2018,  returning the Democratic Party   to its’ New Deal roots and removing the power of money in our politics.  It actually means so much more, but the task I’ve laid out is difficult enough to accomplish in itself.  We must keep reminding ourselves though that these struggles are not really about the struggles of political parties, but struggles against those who would hi-jack our country to serve their desires for wealth and power.  The fight is against those whose vision is of an America controlled by a corporate oligarchy astride our electoral system, our economy and our military.  Those like the Koch’s know that whatever repressions are placed upon the American people, will not affect them in the slightest. They would oppress us to free themselves from constraint.  Let us resist to rid ourselves of this national nightmare, but let us do so with the understanding that when he’s gone, our work will be just beginning.