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August 2017

The False Equivalency of Antifa and the White Supremacist Movement

Ever since Trump seemingly applied equal approbation to both sides after Charlottesville, the American Mainstream Media has been bending over backwards to caution us about the dangers of Antifa.  "Trump has prompted anger for drawing a moral parity between white... Continue Reading →

A Timeline of Trump Trickery, Thuggery and Treason

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the current presidency is that this unstable person's nature is such that we are almost daily confronted with new outrages.  This indeed has been Trump's lifetime technique of obfuscation in order to cover up... Continue Reading →

Trump is a Mentally Disturbed, Emotionally Weak and Disorganized President….How Come He Is Still Treated Normally?

The Fault fellow citizens is not with trump, It lies in our acceptance of such a demented person as our Commander-In-Chief                                      ... Continue Reading →

The Real Origin of Our National Horror: Trump’s Revenge

The first news that greeted my still tired consciousness this morning was that Trump had rolled back Obama's ban on providing military grade weapons to police departments.  This news made me queasy because the militarization of America's police has long... Continue Reading →

Nobody Asked Me But………….Has God Just Smitten Texas?

Nobody Asked Me But............................ So many Christian Fundamentalists have blamed natural disasters on liberal policies that it causes me to wonder if God sent Hurricane Harvey to punish Texas for overwhelmingly supporting Trump? Could Trump have picked a more loathsome... Continue Reading →

Trump Knows About “Fake News”…..It Was “Fake News” That Got Him Elected

The 2016 election was won by a person who ran a disgustingly racist campaign, was disliked and distrusted by the majority of Americans and whose fraudulent past was buried under the false mythology of his competence.  By the same token,... Continue Reading →

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