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Resistance Thursday: Trump is An Idiot and Other Tales

  Some truth about our current state of affairs and the frightening truth that those leading us now are fools, knaves and idiots.  Thoughts on how it all will end, followed by a discussion of the Trump/Putin romance. Continue Reading →

Brexit, World Class “Class Warfare” and the Destruction of Representative Government

Today marks the start of  the official beginning of Brexit which may signal the beginning of the end for European Unity. While Brexit will no doubt be headlined across our media today, the implications will soon be subsumed again in Trump... Continue Reading →

The Age of Trump and Ryan in Three Prescient Views

On the Monday following the Trump/Ryan health care debacle we have three perceptive writers describing the doings from different perspectives. Since this is in the spirit of ElephantTail I thought I would present pertinent excerpts with links to the full... Continue Reading →

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