The Musings of Mike Spindell

A Modest Climate Change Proposal That Makes Sense Even in the Age of Trump

In the Age of Trump: Are We Returning to the Indentured Servitude of the American Worker?

No matter how you slice it, one aim of the Right Wing Oligarchs who have funded the Conservative Movement and Republican Party in America for the last 50 years, was to destroy the power of Labor Unions thus re-exerting full... Continue Reading →

A Sad Tale of a Bad President: Trump Accomplishments After His First 6 Months

Let's look back to last summer as a "Hero" arose to "Make America Great Again": Yes, it seems enough people believed that Trump was the "Only One Who Could Fix America", that with the aid of Vlad Putin,  the... Continue Reading →

In the Age of Trump, Blame It On Obama…..Over and Over Again

Many of us are angry and frightened that our nation has elected a childish, narcissist con man as President. To the majority of people who have been observing this creation of empty celebrity through the years,  the idea that he... Continue Reading →

Thursday Resistance: Keith Lays Out Why We Should Impeach Treasonous Trump

No matter how obvious the frightening reality of our illegitimate President is, as revealed by our corporate media newscasters,  they are reluctant to state the obvious steps required to protect our America.  In my opinion there is enough evidence  already... Continue Reading →

Taking Responsibility for Ones’ Actions Is Not An American Political Norm……It Should Be

Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of these United States, is perhaps mostly mythologized because he had a sign on his desk in the oval office that read:  The Buck Stops Here! The clear connotation of that sign was that... Continue Reading →

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