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January 2017

Our President Hates Immigrants, Except From His Own Family: More Resistance From Keith Olbermann

My maternal and paternal grandparents were immigrants to America at the turn of the 20th Century.  They had to literally escape from Europe, anti-semitism and the depredations of the  Pale of Settlement Both my Grandmothers spoke little English and they... Continue Reading →

The Damned: The Republican Establishment, the Conservative Movement and the Angry Trump Voters

While I am not a religious type, I do hope the concept of Karma describes the ultimate fate of the awful human beings among us.  Presently,  perhaps the most awful human being on this planet is Donald Trump, an authoritarian Narcissist... Continue Reading →

A Message From a Jew About Holocaust Memorial Day and Trump, Which I Another Jew Endorse

My wife came across this piece on  a Facebook post and read it to me.  I was blown away by how the author, a young man named Russell Krupen, wrote so beautifully and perceptively about the besmirching by of Yesterday’s... Continue Reading →

Alternative Facts: Randy Rainbow Interviews Kellyann Conway

In light of my post yesterday, inspired by the alternative facts of the Trump Administration. Perhaps we need the pleasant yet pointed intervention of the fabulous and brilliant Randy Rainbow, to put them into their context as ridiculous statements made... Continue Reading →

Trump and Hitler: Another Example of Fascist Techniques In Action

Using the model of Adolph Hitler and Germany,  Trump and his Republican enablers are working to create an alternate reality. Spouting lies and confabulations into what his ’Goebbels“  Kellyann Conway terms  “Alternate Facts“, Donald Trump is weaving an alternative reality... Continue Reading →

The Rich Are Not Like The Rest of US: Their Money Gives Them A Way Out of the Dangers We All Face

Recently there was an article in The New Yorker titled Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich.  The author Evan Osnos traveled the country exploring the passionate interest that many very wealthy individuals have taken in finding ways to ensure that they... Continue Reading →

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