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Explaining the Election of Trump By Someone Smarter and More Eloquent Than I Am

I read this article this morning and was blown away by the fact that Professor Giroux had expressed so much that I have tried to say over the last five years in hundred of thousands of words. That he did... Continue Reading →

The Federal Reserve is a Capitalist Con Game and Economics Enables It

From the Washington Post 6/14/2017: The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by a quarter-point Wednesday, the third such increase in six months and a message of confidence in the strengthening of the U.S. economy. The increase, which brought... Continue Reading →

If WE Want to Win Back Our Country We Must Understand Who WE Are

If the election of Donald Trump and Republican Control of Congress is to serve as a "wake-up" call to those on the Left Wing of American politics, then our response must come with an understanding of who WE are and... Continue Reading →

The Roots of the “Poison” in Our Politics

Almost daily there is someone expressing in the Media the lament that the political atmosphere in America has become too partisan,  too poisonous  They will go on to say words to the effect of: with so much shouting at each... Continue Reading →

Leadership Requires A Vision From Which Organization Flows

There is a distinction to be made in politics between the yearnings of certain people for authoritarian leadership and political leaders who articulate a message that people are willing to follow.  The former speaks to those who will follow in lockstep... Continue Reading →

Heroes Won’t Save Us, Pundits Won’t Inform Us, We Need to Save Ourselves

So many of us have felt despair since Donald Trump was elected and the oppressiveness of those feelings has actually accelerated since he took office.  Our President is an emotional child,  disabled by narcissism and an overweening greed.  Our President... Continue Reading →

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