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March 2016

Why Corporate Democrats Share Blame for the Deplorable State of Our Country

In this election year, as we watch the political "horse race" between America's two parties, we are flooded with inane commentary from our media and with the vitriolic bombast of the two parties, most of which has little depth in... Continue Reading →

Thumbs on the Scale Major Media Tilts Politics, Incapable of Understanding Why

Much of what goes on in our public discourse in America, occurs in the context of our constantly being barraged by propaganda trying to maintain the corporatist oligarchical status quo. In my post yesterday I wrote about Brainwashed Americans and... Continue Reading →

Brainwashed Americans, the End of Democracy In the Context of a Presidential Race

As we try to make sense of the most extraordinary Presidential election campaign in my 71 year old memory, we see played out all of the memes that have ruled American politics since the the "Age of Ronald Reagan".  The... Continue Reading →

Why Does the Nomination of Judge Garland to the Supreme Court Give Me a Bad Feeling?

Sometimes I wonder about Barack Obama and his nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).  At first some Democrats saw it as a master stroke by the President, in naming a middle of the... Continue Reading →

Privatized Education, Fake Colleges and Lousy Student Loan Programs Continued Under Barack Obama

I’m old enough to have gone to college when it was still somewhat optional to be able to stay in the middle class without a college degree. It was on the cusp of the turning point where a college degree... Continue Reading →

Bernie v. Hilary: It Ain’t Over Yet and Why It Shouldn’t Be

As I write this I admit that I am somewhat at a loss with the developments in the race for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination.  While I've already voted, for Bernie, in the Florida primary, I've also written here and... Continue Reading →

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