The various Women’s Marches to protest the Trump inauguration were a welcome tonic for those of us who have felt dread and depression since election day.  One of the discordant notes, though minor in the glorious scheme of things, was the  objection of the so called  “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ that they were excluded from a Feminist march. It seemed actually that  these “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ had a whole PR campaign to protest their exclusion from the Women’s Marches. There were spokespeople interviewed on the Cable Networks and pieces like this one in Huffpost:  Anti-Abortion Group Bumped From Women’s March Stakes Out A Place AnywayIn the five decades that have passed since the Roe v. Wade decision,  these Anti-Abortionists have become a force by dint of their deceitful sobriquet “Right To Life“.  By combining this lying meme,  with the patina of religious orthodoxy,  this duplicitous movement has forced the mainstream media to tread lightly when discussing it.  Thus yesterday, in the midst of the coverage for this glorious march of protests, some time was given to the exclusion of the so called “Anti-Abortion Feminists“.  This served as a negative counter-point to the inclusive glory of these marches,  at least in the minds of the pliable corporate media.

As I wrote previously in my 10/22/15 post I Believe in Abortion:

I’m am so damned tired of the nonsense spread by religious extremists in the aftermath of  Roe v.  Wade that I’ve decided that I need to directly come out supporting abortions, rather than weaseling around the subject by just arguing that I’m pro choice.  Ever since the landmark decision Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, power hungry Republicans have teamed with religious extremists, to use abortion as an issue to win elections, raise money, attack the fight for female equality and to advance ideas of human sexuality that literally s come from the “Dark Ages” of human history. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, it is a sad tale told by idiots in the name of a morality bred from ancient social norms and male fear of the power of females. This piece was breeding in my consciousness for years as I’ve watched the retrenchment of modern thought in the United States. This is occurring due to stupid fanaticism, bred by those who would use the anti-abortion movement as a springboard towards power, or a salve for their own fear of living. 

In that post I discussed in depth the roots of “anti-abortionism“ and showed why it is steeped in duplicity and cynicism.  The short version is this:

  • If preventing abortion was really the object of this movement, why is there a one to one correlation among proponents, with efforts to limit birth control and sex education, which would prevent abortions more effectively?
  • If the movement was really “Right to Life“ why do its elected proponents consistently vote against any programs that would aid infants after birth?
  • How come this movement consistently elects people who claim we need less government, when at the same time anti-abortionism brings government intrusively into the lives of female citizens?
  • By allowing abortions no one is ever being forced to have an abortion against their religious beliefs,  therefore the real aim of the “Anti-Abortion“ movement is to get government to enforce their religious beliefs upon others.
  • If all people are entitled to the religious beliefs of their choice, why do these anti-abortionists believe their religious beliefs should not only take precedence, but be imposed upon all women?

To my mind Feminism is a cause that fights for the rights of all females to equally share in  the full rights of citizenship and societal respect.  We have seen Feminism bowdlerized by religious fundamentalist women who claim to be Feminists, although they are actually oppressed by the confines of their particular faith. Many in the “Anti-Abortion“ movement are religious fundamentalists whose canon of beliefs places females below males in their pecking order. That alone is inimical to Feminism. 

As long as these “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ believe that their religious preference overrules the  rights of females to control their pregnancy,  they are not acting as Feminists,  despite their tortured logic. The leadership of these wonderful marches were right to bar “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ from march sponsorship positions.  Their presence on any steering committee would have been inappropriate and inimical to the purpose of these marvelous marches. “Anti-Abortion Feminism“ is indeed a noxious and silly oxymoron