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Criminal Justice

Nobody Asked Me But: It’s Time to Ditch This Combed-Over Loser

Nobody Asked Me But:......................... When this Loser-In-Chief has to receive a Special Folder  twice a day filled with positive news stories and flattering photos, maybe it indicates that he is a mentally disturbed child, unfit to lead. Governmental Policy defined... Continue Reading →

A White Ex-Cop Nails the Truth of Police Murders of People of Color

A bigot was elected President and appointed an Attorney General with a racist background. This Attorney General wants to re-vivify America's racist War on Drugs, so even more people of color can miserably languish in private prisons and be prevented from... Continue Reading →

Majority Rules…..But Not In The Minds of Those Funding the Conservative Movement

In America we only have the pretense that the Majority Rules in a Democracy that is dedicated to empowering the will of the people.  Sadly,  that belief comes from a history where the populace has been mollified by this pretense, ... Continue Reading →

Trump Can Even Make a Racist Sympathetic…………..Only Briefly Though

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III arguably was the most important politician responsible for getting Trump elected. Jeff Sessions was the first United States Senator to endorse Trump, which provided Trump a facade of legitimacy as a candidate. Sessions then spent months on the campaign... Continue Reading →

A Sad Tale of a Bad President: Trump Accomplishments After His First 6 Months

Let's look back to last summer as a "Hero" arose to "Make America Great Again": Yes, it seems enough people believed that Trump was the "Only One Who Could Fix America", that with the aid of Vlad Putin,  the... Continue Reading →

Thursday Resistance: Keith Lays Out Why We Should Impeach Treasonous Trump

No matter how obvious the frightening reality of our illegitimate President is, as revealed by our corporate media newscasters,  they are reluctant to state the obvious steps required to protect our America.  In my opinion there is enough evidence  already... Continue Reading →

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