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March 2017

It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like “Watergate” to Me

The biggest Presidential corruption scandal since the 1920’s was the Watergate Scandal which began when Richard Nixon was running for his second term as President.  That scandal finally climaxed with Nixon resigning the Presidency and his successor Gerald R. Ford becoming... Continue Reading →

Resistance Thursday: Trump is An Idiot and Other Tales

  Some truth about our current state of affairs and the frightening truth that those leading us now are fools, knaves and idiots.  Thoughts on how it all will end, followed by a discussion of the Trump/Putin romance. Continue Reading →

Brexit, World Class “Class Warfare” and the Destruction of Representative Government

Today marks the start of  the official beginning of Brexit which may signal the beginning of the end for European Unity. While Brexit will no doubt be headlined across our media today, the implications will soon be subsumed again in Trump... Continue Reading →

The Age of Trump and Ryan in Three Prescient Views

On the Monday following the Trump/Ryan health care debacle we have three perceptive writers describing the doings from different perspectives. Since this is in the spirit of ElephantTail I thought I would present pertinent excerpts with links to the full... Continue Reading →

Help! The Thugs Are Trying To Murder Me and They Are Coming For You As Well

Thug is defined as a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer and I think that fits in with the Republicans who failed in their attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare).  While some may see my title as... Continue Reading →

To Filibuster or Not To Filibuster? That is the Neil Gorsuch Question

Democratic Party Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has announced his intention to Filibuster the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch,  which I believe is the right decision (the 3 previous links provide the details needed to follow my argument). Media Pundits wring... Continue Reading →

Nobody Asked Me But…….Yet Again This Thursday

Nobody Asked Me But: Do You think the decline of the Kardashian Ratings has everything to do with our Reality Show  President? The Secret Service Cannot Afford the Trump Family travels. Vlad Putin murders people here and also here, but hardly... Continue Reading →

The American President Is A Russian Agent……….What’s A Democracy To Do?

Although there has been no “smoking gun” thus far and there might never be,  the circumstantial evidence that Donald Trump is being controlled by Russia is overwhelming.  The circumstantial evidence of the Trump/Russian connection, laid out in the opening statement... Continue Reading →

The Blissful Ignorance of the Bi-Partisan Pundits

Repeating themselves time and again throughout 2016 and now 2017,   are news media pundits longing for the olden days of “bi-partisanship”. This is happening as we have a mentally disturbed, intellectually unfit President in charge of our nation and a... Continue Reading →

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