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April 2016

How the findings of the Department of Justice in Ferguson Explain Much of What’s Wrong in America

A shocking revelation in DOJ Ferguson Report was that the municipality was using its Black citizens as “cash cows” for funding their government:  This is a disgusting thing whose very essence indicates the degree of racist contempt Ferguson officials felt... Continue Reading →

The Crooks Among Us: Republican and Democratic Legislators “Roll Over” for the Financial Industry

"A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties (person or group of persons). Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money or other asset for another person. One... Continue Reading →

What Makes Cruz and Carly Run? Analysis of People Needing Psychoanalysis

Yesterday the nation was treated to another bizarre spectacle, in a Presidential campaign that has overlapped one surreal spectacle after another.  I'm talking about Ultra Right Wing Religious candidate Ted Cruz,  naming Carly Fiorina as his Vice Presidential Candidate, 90... Continue Reading →

PBS: Why I Watch But Refuse to Contribute

On September 16, 1962 Edward R. Murrow, who to my mind was the our greatest TV Journalist and a particular hero of mine, premiered the opening of Public Television on Channel 13 in New York City. You can watch that... Continue Reading →

Strange As It Seems, Trump’s Candidacy Has Exposed Some Truths About the American Military, Buried in Hypocrisy

That Donald Trump will be the Republican Presidential candidate seems a foregone conclusion. Whether or not he is actually elected is less clear, but when you are only one of the two candidates, the possibility of Trump's election is certainly... Continue Reading →

Hypocrisy and We: American Society is Lubricated By Duplicity

As the 2016 Presidential Electoral season is playing out, we the people are exposed to a political process of people seeking the nomination of our two political parties, that is rife with hypocrisy and lubricated by the duplicity of political... Continue Reading →

Passover 2016

I won't be posting for the next few days because of the Jewish Holiday of Passover.  On Passover, Jews are required to remember their ancestor's history as slaves in Egypt, in order to understand how that long ago experience should... Continue Reading →

The $15 Minimum Wage: Let’s Face It Some Liberals Are Schmucks and Some Conservatives Analinguists of Wealth

This is an angry post,  by a man exasperated by the cupidity and greed in the country I love.  We live in an America of income stagnation for the mass of people and income multiplication for our wealthiest citizens.  The... Continue Reading →

The Great Depression, Stages of Grief and Continuing Racial Prejudice

It used to be that Left Wing radicals would base their ambitions for reform on the “working class” in our country. After all Karl Marx was all about the oppression of the workers in the coming industrialized world and so... Continue Reading →

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