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November 2015

On Being Black in America: Pretensions of a White Radical

None of my best friends are Black. For those of you too young to understand that reference, a joke that was common in the 50’s and 60’s used with different ethnicities depending on who the comedian was, went like this.... Continue Reading →

“sin, redemption and self deception”

The concept of sin is one of the driving forces that shape society in what we call the Western World, which in my way of using it means the societies that evolved from Europe. Derived specifically from the idea of... Continue Reading →

Songs for Thanksgiving Day

I'll be with my family and those I love today and I hope your day is also full of those you love and who love to be with you. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Poetry Wednesday: Edgar Lee Masters

When my 9th grade English teacher tried to introduce the class to the poetry of Edgar Lee Masters,  most notably his masterpiece the Spoon River Anthology, I was frankly bored and avoided reading this old guys depressing poetry. Two years later I read Irving... Continue Reading →

Selfish, or Sociopath? Does It Make a Difference

Please note: I wrote this piece about two and a half years ago at another venue. It is a piece dealing with what is my main interest intellectually these days, which is to try to make sense of the puzzling... Continue Reading →

The Battle for American Empire: A Never-ending War

America is an oligarchy and that has been true since its founding. Our Founding Fathers were indeed great, courageous men and geniuses for their time, but they were also made up of the wealthiest people in the American Colonies. Their... Continue Reading →

A Comment on American Mideast Policy, or Merely A Modest Proposal?

  Some months ago I saw a short piece on Facebook and it impressed me with its trenchant satirizing of all the justification used by the American Foreign Policy Establishment, which is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Corporate/Military/Intelligence Complex... Continue Reading →

Songs for Saturday: The Beatles “Rubber Soul”

I remember the day well, it was a sunny morning and I was driving to my college, listening to WABC AM and suddenly this song came on and my whole perspective on Rock and Roll music began to change. The... Continue Reading →

Parisian Terror, CNN, “Why Do They Hate Us” and Deja Vu Part Two

Yesterday I focused on the role of CNN in covering the story of the Parisian murders and the meme posed as a question "why do they hate us". Today I'd like to expand upon that idea, because CNN is obviously... Continue Reading →

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