It seems that the favorite tactic of Republican and conservative activists is that when confronted by their own hypocrisy, or misdeeds, rather than defending their actions, they shift the blame to “Libruls“.  Since this misogynist moron became “Liar in Chief”,  we have seen that time and again they blame their own mistakes on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The complementary tactic that is used is that they seemingly have amnesia about the awful actions of their partisans as they express shock and chagrin about any new “Librul” hypocrisy.

So it turns out that like all seeming political heroes, Harvey Weinstein has feet of clay and is a serial sexual predator.  While all I know about Weinstein is his work as an entertainment mogul and his activism in liberal causes, I can’t say that these revelations surprise me in the least.  Misogyny and the objectification of women is rampant in the world and not limited to those of a particular political identification. As a subset of this, the stories of the sexual abuse of women by wealthy and entitled men is an old story, especially in Hollywood where tales of the “Casting Couch” have been ubiquitous for a hundred years.

The so-called “Left Wing” of the political spectrum has never been immune to either sexual abuse of women, nor misogyny. In fact, part of the impetus for the rebirth of the Women’s Movement in the late 60’s and the 1970’s, was that in the Movements on the Left against Racism and War, women were being treated as appendages and sexual playthings, by the exclusively male leadership. Not only can’t I help but condemn the sexual abuses and misogyny of those on my side of the political spectrum, but for me The Most Important Human Rights Issue is Women’s Rights.  This is undeniably true since females make up more than 50% of humanity, but males still hold almost all of the power.

What we are seeing with the still developing “Weinstein Affair” is widespread condemnation of this man by people who have been his friends and his political allies in Left Wing politics. At the same time we see the Right Wing Conservatives and their political minions reacting:

Smelling blood in the water, the Republican National Committee (RNC) called on every Democrat who received donations from Weinstein to rid themselves of his “dirty money.” 

“During three-decades-worth of sexual harassment allegations, Harvey Weinstein lined the pockets of Democrats to the tune of three-quarters of a million dollars,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “If Democrats and the DNC truly stand up for women like they say they do, then returning this dirty money should be a no-brainer.”Here

The RNC is correct in the sense that we on the Left should disassociate from Weinstein and condemn his awful behavior in the strongest terms, with no equivocation.

However “it is neither reasonable nor logical is to argue that Weinstein’s alleged behavior is any less despicable than Trump’s. Remember, not only did Trump brag on tape about his ability to sexually assault women with impunity because he’s famousdozens of women have accused him of sexual harassment or assault. Save a vocal contingent #NeverTrump conservatives, voters elected him to the highest office in the land. The Republican establishment expressed its digust—then supported him and continues to support him now.”Here

The Conservative Movement,  the Right Wing Fundamentalists and the Republican Party they support, do not only represent the worst in American Misogyny based upon their Anti-Women Agenda,  they also represent the epitome of hypocrisy based on their widespread support for America’s Misogynist-In-ChiefAs an entertainment mogul Weinstein’s disgusting behavior is closely mirrored by the virulent sexual abuse by Roger Ailes, the vile man who led FOX News. Ailes protege the abominable Bill O’Reilly also was a Conservative darling as he forced his ugly attentions upon women. Yet as individually powerful as these men may be in the corporate scheme of things, none of their positions compare to that of the President of the United States.

The Conservative Movement, the Right Wing Fundamentalists and the Republican Party have long laid claim to the untruth that they represent the best in American Morality.  Their continued support for their immoral, misogynist President provides them no pulpit to decry Weinstein. Just as we on the Left took care of other liberal sexual miscreants like Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner,  we will shun and denounce Harvey Weinstein, evicting him from our midst.  However, what we will not see is a like effort from these phony, hypocritical paragons of virtue towards this Thug in our Oval Office.