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February 2017

Time Out

I started ElephantTail August 2015 for reasons detailed by clicking the About box on the masthead.  As I wrote in  How Did I Get Here? I began this site while still smarting from the painful experience of betrayal by a... Continue Reading →

How the Movie “High Noon“ Helped Me Conquer My Fears

Movies have always been my favorite art form.  Tonight is Academy Awards Night and I will be watching as I have always done and rooting for my favorites. Some movies have had a lasting impact upon me and my emotions.... Continue Reading →

Fist Fighting Man

For me childhood was a time of terror, humiliation, and incomprehension. I was trying to figure out and fit into a world I did not understand. That is the simple fact of childhood, for all children, because the ways of... Continue Reading →

How I Became Committed To Civil Rights

We humans are interesting creatures in that our childhood memories can often translate into lifelong preoccupations, whose presence we rationalize as the years pass.  I would like to say that my passionate commitment to the equality of all people is... Continue Reading →

Trump and Ronald Reagan are Birds of a Feather, Except Reagan Was a Better Actor

To me at least, the fact that Trump is a Fascist in the mode of Adolph Hitler is indisputable, as clicking on the prior red links shows.  That I use the term Fascist in speaking about this President,  would no doubt have... Continue Reading →

For the Roots of Trump’s Fascism: Look to William F. Buckley and the National Review’s Racism, Bigotry and Laissez Faire Economics

The National Review  was founded in 1955 by William F. Buckley, Jr. It defined its’ purpose in a statement of intentions: “Middle-of-the-Road, qua Middle of the Road, is politically, intellectually, and morally repugnant. We shall recommend policies for the simple reason that... Continue Reading →

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