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February 2016

The King of Denmark and Why Jews Love Israel

As a Jewish boy from Brooklyn, born before the end of World War II, my childhood was overshadowed by the Shoah, which is the Jewish term for Holocaust. Within my large family and their numerous Jewish acquaintances living in an... Continue Reading →

Some Supposed Christians Oppress and Abuse Women and Children

Sometimes I come across a source of excellent information that is so well written and thorough, that I really can't add much more to it. This occurs when the viewpoint expressed coincides so closely with my own thoughts, that I... Continue Reading →

The Republican Candidates, with Apology to T.S. Eliot: This is the Way the World Ends

With the endorsement of Donald Trump on Friday by Governor Chris Christie and then the followup endorsement by Governor Paul LePage of Maine, the Republican Party has shown that it is but an empty shell full of bombast, signifying nothing... Continue Reading →

The Republican Dilemma

As I watched last night's Republican Presidential Debate, watched over by G.W. H. Bush and Barbara, who supplied the establishment presence, I couldn't help but feel how strange this all must be for the Republican Establishment. I'm not talking about... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hurt Little People!

One of the nice things that has happened since I started my own site on WordPress, is that I've becomes aware of other people who write about important subjects honestly and movingly. One such blogger, who I follow regularly, is... Continue Reading →

The Significance of Trump and Sanders: It’s the Widespread Distrust Stupid and Not the 1960’s.

In the 1960's, my generation "turned on" to two great issues and ran with it in a ragtag Movement that we thought was a revolution. Those issues were of course freedom for people of color and the Viet Nam War.... Continue Reading →

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