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Nobody Asked Me But……This is Why Hillary Lost and a Fraudulent Narcissist Became President

With the release of Hillary Clinton''s book What Happened a predictable media firestorm has erupted riddled with press pundit's punishing her once again for daring to speak her mind.  Much of the critiques of her book devolve around the premise that... Continue Reading →

Impeaching Trump is Just the Opening Gambit, Taking Back Our America is the End Game

So many millions of us are living with the anger and frustration of having an obviously despicable human being as President,  that in our discomfort and discontent all we desire is his removal from office.  One doesn't need polls to... Continue Reading →

Trump Knows About “Fake News”…..It Was “Fake News” That Got Him Elected

The 2016 election was won by a person who ran a disgustingly racist campaign, was disliked and distrusted by the majority of Americans and whose fraudulent past was buried under the false mythology of his competence.  By the same token,... Continue Reading →

Trump Can Even Make a Racist Sympathetic…………..Only Briefly Though

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III arguably was the most important politician responsible for getting Trump elected. Jeff Sessions was the first United States Senator to endorse Trump, which provided Trump a facade of legitimacy as a candidate. Sessions then spent months on the campaign... Continue Reading →

In the Age of Trump, Blame It On Obama…..Over and Over Again

Many of us are angry and frightened that our nation has elected a childish, narcissist con man as President. To the majority of people who have been observing this creation of empty celebrity through the years,  the idea that he... Continue Reading →

That Was The Wacky Week That Was: 5/15 to 5/21

Have you lapsed into apoplexy yet over this disastrous President,  or is the constant plethora of  Trump contretemps exhausting your mental faculties?  Rather than abating as time has passed from the inauguration,  the rapidity of the expanding scandal is metastasizing... Continue Reading →

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