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October 2016

Racism and Segregation: It’s Like “Brown vs. the Board of Education” Never Happened

In 1954,  when I was ten years old, the Supreme Court handed down a monumental verdict in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483.  In that decision SCOTUS recognized that state-sponsored segregation of student on the basis... Continue Reading →

“Hating Hillary” By the News Media, For Fun and Profit

Less than two weeks ago I wrote a post "Hating Hillary"  where I gave my take on the causes and the history of "Hillary Hatred" in America,  that began with the election of Bill Clinton. Yesterday I read an article... Continue Reading →

Republican Treason

This piece is about the treason being committed by the Republican Party. There are many like me who believe the reality that American Democracy is but a thin veneer of limited choices set against the power of a corporate oligarchy. ... Continue Reading →

Intimations of Fascism and Donald Trump Via Keith Olbermann

Some regular commenters here think that I'm being alarmist when I liken  Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler.  One of the points made against the analogy that the two are equivalent is the idea that Hitler was backed by a para-military... Continue Reading →

The Subtle and Not So Subtle War on Social Security and Medicare

For me Social Security and Medicare have literally been life saving programs.  Social Security benefits comprise a large slice of my retirement income, while Medicare paid for my Heart Transplant and pay for the otherwise too expensive anti-rejection medication that... Continue Reading →

The Opioid Epidemic Ala John Oliver

Now that the overuse of Opioids and Heroin has spread throughout the White community in America it is viewed as a crisis.  For years Heroin rampaged through the communities of people of color in the United States,  with some recognition, but... Continue Reading →

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