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“Tax Reform” Means the Rich Get Tax Cuts – We’ve Seen This Horror Movie Before

Now that they've frightened most of us Americans with their failure to "repeal and replace",  the corrupt Congressional Republicans are actually getting down to their real agenda, which they falsely call "tax reform".  The majority of the American people actually... Continue Reading →

Impeaching Trump is Just the Opening Gambit, Taking Back Our America is the End Game

So many millions of us are living with the anger and frustration of having an obviously despicable human being as President,  that in our discomfort and discontent all we desire is his removal from office.  One doesn't need polls to... Continue Reading →

Football Fuels the American Oligarchy

Another season of American football,  the most popular and most wealth creating sport in our country, is underway all across our country.  Professional football's Super Bowl game,  watched by 100 million people has become the premier American Holiday, surpassing Christmas... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Afghanistan War Speech: What Perspectives Pundits Seem Blind About

After listening to the Afghanistan speech Trump read from the teleprompter, I was struck by two elements that I kept tuned in to hear the Cable News pundits talk about.  I was only mildly surprised that they missed the fuller... Continue Reading →

Fighting the Thugs For the Future of Our Country

Politics throughout the 5,000 years of known human history has always been a brutal battle for dominance,  where the only rule is win or die.  I know that this is an awful state of affairs,  especially for those like myself... Continue Reading →

A Short Essay on the Truth of the Health Care Problem

While I think those of us actively resisting the Age of Trump can for a brief respite pat ourselves on our collective backs for last night's failure to pass the "Skinny Health Care Bill",  we must remain aware that we... Continue Reading →

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