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November 2016

In The Age of Trump: The Threat to Sexual Autonomy and the Mistake of Compromise

There was a time, not so many years ago,  when books and movies were routinely censored because they contained what some deemed "prurient sexual content". The last era of that "time" was the 1950's. The restrictions on reading and film... Continue Reading →

The Fake News Stories About “Fake News” Stories

In the wake of Trump's election the United States corporate media is awash in  stories decrying the "fake news" stories that were rampant in social media, particularly Facebook.  Like Claude Rains, corrupt Police Captain in Casablanca, covering the fact that... Continue Reading →

Electoral College: Hypocrisy, Aristocracy, But Not Democracy

My "E" mail inbox has been filled lately by money raising messages from the Left,  mostly indignant,  railing about the Electoral College anointing as President, someone who lost the popular vote by a significant two million votes.  To read them... Continue Reading →

In The Age of Trump: Another Financial Con Job to Look For

I first wrote this piece 2 1/2 years ago at another site.  As we move into the "Age of Trump," my guess is that the issue I raised in it will be re-visited by Paul Ryan and his Congressional hatchet-men.... Continue Reading →

Nobody Asked Me But………..It’s Been a Crazy Year

Nobody Asked Me But: Donald Trump is our ugliest President since William Howard Taft. Mike Pence looks like a NAZI spy from a World War II Movie:       If the polls predicting the election were so wrong, how... Continue Reading →

More Resistance To Trump’s Presidency

Those who would normalize the Trump Presidency by rendering it legitimate and searching for ways to work with him, are fools awash in self-delusion.  This fraud Trump ran the most dishonest and bombastic campaign in our country's history and I... Continue Reading →

“We Go High”….One Mistake By Hillary Clinton, Ignoring a Truth About Our Country

As the days until Election Day 2016 began to dwindle down to a precious few one phrase that Hillary Clinton kept repeating,  as if a mantra,  was "When They Go Low,  We Go High".  Every time I heard it in... Continue Reading →

The Big Lies of Hitler, Goebbels and the Trump Election Team

The lynch-pin technique of Adolph Hitler’s rise to power was the “Big Lie” of which he wrote in Mein Kampf: “All this was inspired by the principle—which is quite true within itself—that in the big lie there is always a certain force of... Continue Reading →

Give Trump A Chance? The Resistance Begins……Count Me In With Keith Olbermann

I support these two videos that succinctly sum up how in my opinion people who share my views should react to the frightening reality of this election:

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