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Let Us Pray: The Blasphemy of Religious Opportunism

All around America we see people extraneously praying for things one would think would be too trivial for the attention of a God who has created this amazingly, infinite Universe. We see football players scoring touchdowns and praising the Lord.... Continue Reading →

What Are Republicans Afraid of On Healthcare?

The hypocrisy of the Republican Senate Leadership as they work in secret to produce a healthcare bill that will affect one sixth of our Federal Budget,  is rampant.  Bernie Sanders took to the Senate floor to ask and answer the... Continue Reading →

The False Equivalency of Chuck Todd of MSNBC and His Ilk

Chuck Todd  to my mind represents much of what is lacking among the punditry of the mainstream media and frequently demonstrates what I see as their cluelessness and to a great degree cowardice as supposedly responsible journalists. To illustrate my... Continue Reading →

Just Another Dull Week in American Politics: John Oliver On the Comey Testimony and Keith Olbermann on Trump and Hookers

Heroes Won’t Save Us, Pundits Won’t Inform Us, We Need to Save Ourselves

So many of us have felt despair since Donald Trump was elected and the oppressiveness of those feelings has actually accelerated since he took office.  Our President is an emotional child,  disabled by narcissism and an overweening greed.  Our President... Continue Reading →

Conservative Philosophy Today is a Politics of Aristocracy

It seems that the terror attack on London Bridge has set me off in the direction of Great Britain, because our close ally has experiences as a capitalist society that mirror ours.  If you want the proof of the similarities... Continue Reading →

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