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December 2016

In The Age of Trump an Old Film Makes Points About the Racism That Elected Him

I read an article at that speaks to the ominous direction this election bodes for American people of color. “If Donald Trump’s ascendance to power is (poorly written) fiction made real, it resonates in an eerie way with a... Continue Reading →

Paranoid Vision of the Coming Dystopia, or Why Climate Change Might Not Bother the 1%

A fairly dismal 2016 winds down to its last days and the prospects for 2017 seem even dimmer, if that is possible.  With Republicans in firm control of the three branches of our government, we can expect that nothing will... Continue Reading →

Thoughts For The New Year: Bernie Sanders on the Danger of Our Corporate Controlled Media

As we approach the New Year,  quaking at the prospect of a mentally disturbed President,  it is important to hear Bernie Sanders discuss how our corporate news media has failed us.  If people are ignorant of the basic issues, what... Continue Reading →

More Sad Thoughts on Why Hillary Lost and How WE Enabled Her

It is human nature to feel let down by those we support in any endeavor and to blame the object of our prior support, for failing to be capable enough to have succeeded. In the distraught postmortems of this election... Continue Reading →

Further Resistance Ideas on What We Should Do Now About Trump

As we look forward to 2017 and the inauguration of a criminally unfit President, who illegitimately won the Electoral College, via Vlad Putin working with a treasonous FBI Director,  how are we the majority of the people going to respond?  ... Continue Reading →

Commercializing Christmas: Chris Rock

After Halloween this year it seemed to me the earliest I’ve seen Christmas items displayed and I find it dismaying. As a Jew, of course I’ve never celebrated Christmas, but I’ve always loved it as a time of the year.... Continue Reading →

The Collapse in the Democratic Party: It’s The Triangulation Stupid!

In the manner of hoary Greek Tragedy, the seed of Hillary Clinton's loss of the Electoral College and the discombobulated state of the Democratic Party,  was planted by her husband Bill Clinton in the strategy he used to win election... Continue Reading →

One Aspect of Hillary‘s Loss: A Smug Belief in Ones‘ Own Expertise

It seems impossible to me that we can do any analysis of how mistakes by the Clinton campaign caused her to lose the Electoral College, without examining the mindset of the campaign professionals Hillary hired and trusted.  Clearly an aged... Continue Reading →

Does Money Make Up for Police Murders?

Hurricane Katrina made landfall in America in late August 2005.  It is ranked as the third most devastating tropical storm in our countries history.  What seared Katrina into our national consciousness though was that the media coverage. That coverage brought... Continue Reading →

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