Just how did a 74 year old, unprepossessing Jewish Socialist from Brooklyn, run a primary campaign that almost upset the experienced and much better known, public figure whose Democratic Nomination should have been in the bag?  There are many answers to that, but perhaps the one that rings truest to me is that Bernie Sanders may call himself a “socialist“, but in fact he is just a New Deal liberal.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal” policies did more than just allow the United States to recover from the worldwide Great Depression. The “New Deal” saved the United States from becoming a Fascist dictatorship and in the long run saved the entire planet from becoming an Axis of Fascist Nationhood. We should never forget that the conservative establishment of the Republican Party looked rather favorably upon Adolph Hitler and was even aligned with an America First Movement,  that opposed going to war with NAZI Germany.

From 1920 through 1932, America was controlled by the Republican Party and the Republican Party was controlled by barons of wealth, the 1920’s version of our One Percent.  Back then, as now, the Republican policy was Laissez Faire Capitalism when it came to the majority of people and Crony Capitalism when it came to catering to the needs of the One PercentFDR’s New Deal, coming at the nexus of an extraordinary crisis of suffering by average citizens, changed the despairing mindsets, brought hope to the people and pulled the rug out from under the radicals who would have made Fascism and American reality.  The bargain FDR struck with the American people stayed firmly in place for almost 50 years, a time when American prosperity and American philosophy was per-eminent on the planet.  The One Percent who felt their aristocratic entitlement was diminished by the New Deal,  seethed and raged throughout that half century and in the 1960’s started investing millions then billions to change the national narrative and move our country politically far to the right.  They have succeeded so well in their plots that New Deal liberals,  like Bernie Sanders, are viewed by the political establishment as radical leftists.

What has become of our nation’s politics has been the acceptance of radical right wing concepts as being “mainstream“,  when in fact they cater to a small, wealthy minority of the nation’s people.  Elections have been controlled by wealth and States and localities have been co-opted by corporate cash and corporate lobbying.  Sometimes though, in what seems like a hopeless era, the politics of greed over-reaches in their hubristic entitlement. I believe that we are in such an era and are in a position to change our hopelessness to hope.

In the 1920 Presidential election Eugen V. Debs ran for President as the Standard Bearer of the American Socialist Party.  He was wrongly in prison at the time for making a speech against President Woodrow Wilson. Debs received nearly one million vote, about 3.6% of the total cast. The platform of the Socialist Party that Debs ran on became the essence of the New Deal twelve years later. Bernie Sanders on the other hand is not in jail and is a sitting U.S. Senator. While I voted, contributed and worked for Hilary Clinton in this past election, my heart was with Bernie and I voted for him in the Florida Primary.  I believe that Bernie did us a great service in his campaign and is doing us an even greater service as he tries to rally the country in a movement to take back control from the One Percent.  Below is a speech he made two days ago, which can actually serve as a manifesto of the type of campaign that we should wage to take back America from the One Percent.  Some misguided pundits, ignorant of history may call Bernie and this manifesto radically out of the mainstream, I think they are wrong. What do you think?