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December 2015

Call Me Queer

Probably my only saving grace as a writer is that I'm willing write much from personal experience. This piece is one that I’ve thought about for awhile but have had some hesistancy  writing because it touches on a very sensitive... Continue Reading →

Democracy in America: What Does it Mean?

While the United States of America is many things to many people, it is not as is popularly conceived a Democracy and it never has been. This view is not coming from a perspective of politics, but one of stark... Continue Reading →

Double Jeopardy

One of the main problems with any legal principle is that we humans are incredibly complex in our interactions. It is possible then that even the most hallowed of legal principles are bound to run into conflict with a real... Continue Reading →

Defining Grief

The death of a loved one be it parent, child or spouse is among the most traumatic experiences that any of us can have in our lives. I know because in my youth both my parents died one year apart... Continue Reading →

You can call me paranoid but…………?

Why is it that the Federal Reserve (and  most importantly see here), which is a creature of the American Financial establishment, has raised interest rates in time for the 2016 Presidential Election Year? This rate increase will slow down the economy... Continue Reading →

Hamas and Gaza: It Isn’t Just About the Israeli

This is a post I first wrote on July 19, 2014 when the media of the world was concerned with the events in Gaza and the military retaliation by Israel. I think it is worth re-publishing because of my recent... Continue Reading →

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