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May 2017

Trump’s Republican Supporter Engenders NAZI Flashbacks

We've become so overwhelmed by the peripatetic pace of the Trump insanity that sometimes we need to step back slightly and look at the gestalt of our evolving national tragedy.  From early on in the Trump candidacy I have been raising... Continue Reading →

A Memorial Day Meditation on Ritual

Memorial Day is a national holiday whose purpose is the remembrance of all those who died while in military service to this country.  The purpose of our national holidays is to unify the national culture by celebrating significant people and... Continue Reading →

The American Two Party System is Flawed, But America’s Two Parties Are Not At All Equivalent

One of the biggest problems for people with strong political views is the tendency demand "political purity" from those politicians to whom we give our support. As a "Left Wing Radical"I have often found myself condemning a "Pol" because they... Continue Reading →

Damn the “Goldwater Rule”, Trump is Mentally Unstable

Donald Trump is a mentally unstable person, whose flawed persona is a threat to our country. I am a trained, certified and experienced psychotherapist,  though in retirement.  Many throughout the psychological professions would see my characterizing Trump as mentally unstable... Continue Reading →

A Southern Politician Talks Truth On Racism and Cultural Diversity

Mitch Landrieu,  the Mayor of New Orleans made an epic speech on racism and historical revisionism in New Orleans, that applies to all of America. Landrieu made this speech in the context of the protests he is getting because of... Continue Reading →

America’s Trump Complicity

"Trump and other would-be tribunes of American greatness have come to resemble Captain Renault from the movie Casablanca, who was “shocked, shocked” to find gambling in the café, even as he served a system whose force and fraud made that vice... Continue Reading →

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