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September 2016

Trump/Hitler: The Donald Is A Protege of “Der Fuehrer”

In this year's Presidential race I have had one over-riding fear motivating my preferences and actions. It is that fear that had me working for the Hilary Clinton Campaign on a phone bank for the last few days and it... Continue Reading →

“Braggadocious”: Randy Rainbow Nails It!

My wife turned me on to the fabulous Randy Rainbow and he seems a musical genius.

Sexist, Racist Public Adulterer Rudy Giuliani Exposes His Complete Lack of Self-Awareness

One of the political figures that raises my ire is the putrid, putz Rudy Giuliani who was styled as "America's Mayor" after 9/11.  After the attack, when Giuliani behaved as any mayor should, the lionizing media forgot that prior to... Continue Reading →

Forensic Science……Junk Science, But Police and Prosecutors Just Don’t Care

Whether we see a criminal suspect being questioned by police on TV police dramas,  or on the many true crime shows on cables' Investigation Discovery Channel (ID),  there always seems to be a scene involving "Lie Detectors".  That lie detection... Continue Reading →

The Great Debate: The Emperor (Trump) Was Naked

So last night my wife and I started watching MSNBC at 6:00pm,  soaking up all of the pre-debate commentary and concluded about 12:00am, after watching and hour and a half of post-debate spin.  Leading up to the centerpiece of the... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Debate and the Ethics of Clinton and Trump

So the first debate is tonight,  with possibly 100 million viewers. It is actually a contest of whether or not Donald Trump seems Presidential.  None of the pundits you will hear in the mainstream corporate media will actually delineate the... Continue Reading →

Heroin and Opioid Awareness Week…….Again

We are nearing the end of "National Opioid and Heroin Awareness Week".   I'm happy it will soon be gone and with it those public services ads which are a mixture of fear and treacly sentimentality.  Most of these commercials... Continue Reading →

The Sick Racist Hypocrisy of the Second Amendment Chorus and the Police’s Double Standards

Most times when I write a post I try to supply links to back up my argument,  in the case of the Second Amendment hypocrites, I think that the public record that exists provides overwhelming proof that they are covertly... Continue Reading →

Trevor Noah and the Reality of the Oklahoma Police Killing

Our country prides itself on the freedom of the press guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  America's Founding Fathers thought that they were setting up a system where our country's governmental policies would be examined by independent... Continue Reading →

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