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September 2016

Trump/Hitler: The Donald Is A Protege of “Der Fuehrer”

In this year's Presidential race I have had one over-riding fear motivating my preferences and actions. It is that fear that had me working for the Hilary Clinton Campaign on a phone bank for the last few days and it... Continue Reading →

“Braggadocious”: Randy Rainbow Nails It!

My wife turned me on to the fabulous Randy Rainbow and he seems a musical genius.

Sexist, Racist Public Adulterer Rudy Giuliani Exposes His Complete Lack of Self-Awareness

One of the political figures that raises my ire is the putrid, putz Rudy Giuliani who was styled as "America's Mayor" after 9/11.  After the attack, when Giuliani behaved as any mayor should, the lionizing media forgot that prior to... Continue Reading →

Forensic Science……Junk Science, But Police and Prosecutors Just Don’t Care

Whether we see a criminal suspect being questioned by police on TV police dramas,  or on the many true crime shows on cables' Investigation Discovery Channel (ID),  there always seems to be a scene involving "Lie Detectors".  That lie detection... Continue Reading →

The Great Debate: The Emperor (Trump) Was Naked

So last night my wife and I started watching MSNBC at 6:00pm,  soaking up all of the pre-debate commentary and concluded about 12:00am, after watching and hour and a half of post-debate spin.  Leading up to the centerpiece of the... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Debate and the Ethics of Clinton and Trump

So the first debate is tonight,  with possibly 100 million viewers. It is actually a contest of whether or not Donald Trump seems Presidential.  None of the pundits you will hear in the mainstream corporate media will actually delineate the... Continue Reading →

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