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July 2016

Trump, Treason and Richard Nixon’s Original Sins As President

Forty-Two years ago Richard Nixon became the first U.S. President to resign in disgrace. Since then, the man and his supporters have tried to “rehabilitate” his reputation,  trivialize his errors and make the events surrounding his disgrace into mere partisanship... Continue Reading →

Is Trump Putin’s Puppet and is Putin Trying to Fix Our Presidential Elections?

Yesterday I wrote about how Vladimir Putin would have been the ideal Republican Party candidate except for his Russian citizenship.  Since Vlad of course couldn't run in our election it seems he is settling for the next best option and... Continue Reading →

Vlad Putin Was the Ideal Republican Candidate, Too Bad He’s Russian…But Then They’ve Got Trump, Perhaps with Putin’s Help

This 2016 Election has turned out to be the most bizarre of my lifetime and that includes the events of the 1968 Presidential Election which was scarred by the murders of Martin Luther  King and Bobby Kennedy.  That election even... Continue Reading →

What Is The Meaning of Life and Should We Care?

Approaching my 72nd birthday I’ve come to realize that wisdom isn’t a function of age, but of the realization of how little you really understand about the Universe of which you are an infinitesimal part. Now don’t get me wrong... Continue Reading →

What Jail Deaths Say About the American Mentality

"Over the past year, there have been so many stories of violence and injustice in America, and even the most well-known deserve to be revisited. This is one: Last July, Sandra Bland was pulled over by a Texas state trooper... Continue Reading →

With All the Craziness Afoot in the Presidential Election Here’s Some Comic Relief

Two of the most prescient and funniest comedians around today have parents who emigrated from India.  Both Hari Kondabolu and Aziz Ansari are Americans who give lie to the anti-immigrant rhetoric that is fueling the Republican Party's campaign this year... Continue Reading →

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