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September 2015

Poetry Wednesday: Alan Ginsberg Inspired by Jack Kerouac.

It will come as no surprise to some that Allen Ginsberg is probably my favorite poet. I first became familiar with Allen Ginsberg through the writings of Jack Kerouac, his friend and sometime peripatetic traveling partner. If Ginsberg is my favorite... Continue Reading →

Carly Fiorina and the Myth of Her Qualifications

The main credentials of the two leading Republican Presidential hopefuls at this point is their experience as CEO's of large corporate entities. The leader is of course Donald Trump, who is a ridiculous figure, adored by many for his purported... Continue Reading →

Let Us Pray: The Blasphemy of Religious Opportunists

All around America we see people extraneously praying for things one would think would be too trivial for the attention of a God who has created this amazingly, infinite Universe. We see football players scoring touchdowns and praising the Lord.... Continue Reading →

Songs for Saturday: Unrequited Love

unrequited = (Of Love, Affection, etc.) not reciprocated or returned. I would guess that almost all of us have experienced an unrequited emotion at one time or another in our lives. It can be devastating, painful, embarrassing and/or humiliating. It... Continue Reading →

The Austerity Conspiracy and the Rape of Greece

Last Sunday the people of Greece gave a winning 34% of their vote to Greek Prime Minister Tsipras. Mr. Tsipras was elected originally as Greek Prime Minister because he opposed his country's treatment at the hands of the European Union,... Continue Reading →

The Age of Enlightenment, Religious Cowardice and Religious Ignorance

“The Age of Enlightenment (or simply the Enlightenment, or Age of Reason) is an era from the 1650s to the 1780s in which cultural and intellectual forces in Western Europe emphasized reason, analysis, and individualism rather than traditional lines of... Continue Reading →

Poetry Wednesday: From a Deist Jew Who Loves His Jewish Identity

Kol Ni·dre kōl ˈnidrā,ˈnidrə,ˌkôl nēˈdrā/ noun noun: Kol Nidre An Aramaic prayer annulling vows made before God, sung by Jews at the opening of the Day of Atonement service on the eve of Yom Kippur: What is a Deist, for... Continue Reading →

I Believe in Abortion

I wrote this originally at another site on 5/9/14. Yet since the last Republican debate I've been meaning to re-post it because I feel those of us who are pro-choice are fighting a losing battle, if we don't stop playing... Continue Reading →

Our “Virtuous” Rich

I believe that it is impossible to deal with any problem until one understands the underlying nature of that problem. The analogy of a Physician treating the symptoms of a patient, but ignoring the cause of those symptoms, comes to... Continue Reading →

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