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April 2017

An Emotional Sunday Morning and the Songs of My Emotions

One thing I have noticed about myself lately is that I become very emotional at times and tears mist my eyes as warmth pervades my chest.  This feeling occurs at the oddest moments, with little relationship to what seems to... Continue Reading →

Maintaining Optimism On The Cusp of Dystopia

The one personality trait that I have that has kept me alive and functioning for more than 72 years, is that I maintain an optimistic outlook, even when my world seems to be collapsing around me.  This outlook by no... Continue Reading →

Trump and His North Korean “Bogeyman”

The failing and flailing Trump Administration is pulling out all stops to reverse its’ downward trend. Thus far the only victory that the Trump  cohort has been able to achieve is the elevation  of a radical conservative to SCOTUS to... Continue Reading →

Trump’s “Big Wall”…..A Racist Metaphor He’s Trying to Make Real

Our dumb and disturbed President has his minions hectoring Congress to budget billions to build his "Big Wall" on our southern border with Mexico.  When Trump made his opening speech of his campaign for the the Republican nomination, it began... Continue Reading →

Let’s Be Clear Here……..In The Age of Trump

Let’s Be Clear Here: If you believe(d) in the “Birther Movement“ you are a racist. The “Tea Party“ was NEVER the “Grass Roots Movement“ it pretended to be. The “Tea Party“ and “Birther“ Movements arose because we had a Black President.... Continue Reading →

Republican Party Insanity Cannot Be Opposed By Democratic Party Inanity

Donald Trump is not an aberration of Republican Party politics, he embodies the apotheosis of what that Party's politics have become since the election of Ronald Reagan.  Ronald Reagan's election in 1980 represented the triumph of a cabal of ultra-Right Wing,... Continue Reading →

The Case For A “NEW” New Deal: What Our Resistance Should Be About

Just how did a 74 year old, unprepossessing Jewish Socialist from Brooklyn, run a primary campaign that almost upset the experienced and much better known, public figure whose Democratic Nomination should have been in the bag?  There are many answers to... Continue Reading →

Thinking the Un-Thinkable, or Why We Are Still Unable to Accept the Reality of Trump’s Presidency

We average humans, who are so caught up in the daily travails and joys of our lives, would prefer to believe that those who lead us are competent.  Then too,  since we humans first started organizing ourselves into hierarchical societies,... Continue Reading →

On This Easter Sunday, Lest We Forget Our Nation’s Past

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I saw this piece at DailyKos and I think it is an important reminder of America’s history: The Easter Sunday massacre in Colfax, Louisiana, and the awful Supreme Court decision that followed... Continue Reading →

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