We await the pronouncement by a Trump minion as to the fate of perhaps 1.7 million people, whose continued residency falls under the program called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), instituted by President Obama. The narcissistic racist who is now in power based his disgusting campaign on two interlocked premises.  One was that our country was being overrun by “Mexican criminals who are raping ‘white’ women” and the second was that people of color needed to be reined in by “Law and Order“.  As we have seen in the past two years of campaigning, followed by this chaotically malevolent Administration,  there are still many millions of  Americans that are simply bigots, racists or both.  This fact of American racism was actually evident to anyone, besides FOXNews watchers,  who saw that most of the attacks upon Barack Obama, were racial in nature.  The brazenness of the racist attacks directed at Obama was shown by the many congressional Republicans gleefully leading the charge.  That this was even possible in our America, after so many years of struggle against bigotry and racism, is the direct responsibility of the Conservative movement that sustains

Cutting through the confusing fog surrounding the so-called opposing political philosophies of Conservatism and Liberalism, we see that the difference was never about more than an economic dispute over the role of government.  American Conservatism values wealth and property above that of the common good, while American Liberalism holds that our country should minister to the needs of all of the American people through government acting as a check upon self-serving ministrations of the powerful and the wealthy. 

As our country evolved, the emphasis on the power of voting increased and our Constitution was modified by Amendments to increase the range of Americans who were able to vote. The problem for those of Conservative sensibilities (i.e. many of the wealthiest Americans) was how to convince a majority of voters to back policies that were actually harmful to them.  From the Liberal perspective, the need was to convince people to vote for programs that would limit the excesses of wealthy oligarchs and to make the distribution of wealth in our country more equitable.  The obvious fact of this dichotomy is all things being equal, people should vote for what benefits them the most and since most people (99%) are not wealthy, that should be for the Liberal policies that most benefit them.

The historical choice for American Conservatives has been to promote issues that turn people against each-other, creating fears and hatred.  Native Americans stood in the way of expansion and so these most rightful residents of our continent were turned into objects of  fear, derision and hatred.  People were kidnapped from Africa to work their plantations as slaves and so became both a valuable commodity and yet objects of De-humanization to justify their inhuman captivity.  The waves of immigrants granted entry to America in order to meet the needs of the industrial revolution, were nevertheless kept in their subservient places by promotion of myths that they were somehow of ‘inferior ethnicity‘.  This was the way it was in our America until the Stock Market Crash of 1929 disrupted all of the mythology about our country, because of the criminal excesses that led to the economy’s collapse.  This economic collapse was worldwide and the 1930’s saw the rise of Fascist demagogues, entwined with capitalists, coming to power on a tidal wave of ethnic fears blaming people’s misery on the “despised other”.

Led by Franklin D. Roosevelt,  the Democratic Party, embarked on a series of Liberal programs to aid the majority of people and rein in the excesses of unfettered capitalist greed. The success of FDR in saving our country from the Fascism abroad in the World was such that the New Deal mindset and ethos dominated America into the 1960’s.  Yet in those four decades of American power and prosperity, anger and resentment was building in the minds of America’s oligarchs, pining for the days when their power trumped the power of government. The greatest psychological enemy of those American oligarchs was the sense of community that the New Deal fostered in the American people. To vanquish the New Deal mindset,  the American Conservative movement found that the key to again seizing electoral power was to sow division among our people, inflaming hatred for the “other”.  Thus it was that Nixon was elected by promising to restore “Law and Order“, the code words for oppressing the Civil Rights and the Anti-War MovementConservative oligarchs began funding Christian movements around opposition to Roe v. Wade and wound up merging Fundamentalist Christianity with Corporate Capitalism.

As the years have passed into a new century, the ongoing attack against the American community has been an unflagging effort, with billions spent working to destroy a unified sense of American community.  This is how the American Conservative Movement has betrayed our country and exposed itself as an agent of American Dis-Unification. While a majority of Americans believe in a sense of community with their neighbors, this Conservative movement’s message of dis-unity, allowed a minority of this country to put an unfit, bigoted demagogue into power, sowing a message of hatred and anger.