Nobody Asked Me But……………………….

So many Christian Fundamentalists have blamed natural disasters on liberal policies that it causes me to wonder if God sent Hurricane Harvey to punish Texas for overwhelmingly supporting Trump?

A burnt out house that caught fire after Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi, Texas

Could Trump have picked a more loathsome person than Joe Arpaio to pardon?

Can we expect Gods‘ wrath to next descend upon Maricopa County, AZ not only for electing Arpaio all those years, but for its’ long, sordid history of supporting oppressive law enforcement?

If Trump is sent by God,  as many of his followers believe,  then can we assume that God’s purpose is to destroy the United States?

Does Jerry Falwell, Jr’s belief that Trump wasSent By God”,  stem from the fact that Falwell, like Trump, inherited his crooked father’s wealth? 

Is the person who sent this recent “Letter to the Editor” at the Bowling Green Kentucky Daily News, saying admit President Trump has had God with him and done so much good for the people really a reliable source of any information?

Is the “Letter to the Editor” writer from above channeling the Holy Spirit by believing Trump is not perfect, like Jesus is, but he is a great president. He has done more good for the people of the great USA than anyone before him,  or is he/she severely delusional?

In the beliefs of many Right Wing Fundamentalist Christians, are Jesus teachings from the Sermon on the Mount no longer in effect?What does “God’s  Rabbi“, Shmuley Boteach, have to say about whether his Orange Haired Boy is Anti-Semitic after his Charlottesville opinions…..or is this the answer?  Wouldn’t you have liked to have been a “fly on the wall” when supposedly pious Orthodox Jews Ivanka and Jared discussed his Charlottesville remarks with their Father/Father in Law

Any religious, or political leader who invokes God’s support for their particular political policies is a dangerous fraud. 

Weren’t our American Founding Fathers remarkably prescient when they tried to separate Church and State in the Constitution and aren’t those who try to deny that separation corrupting our country?