Ever since Trump seemingly applied equal approbation to both sides after Charlottesville, the American Mainstream Media has been bending over backwards to caution us about the dangers of Antifa.  “Trump has prompted anger for drawing a moral parity between white supremacists and anti-fascists, saying counter-protesters were as violent as the far-right and the “alt-right” groups included some “very fine” people.” was the description of the Trumpian response. in an article published on line with the title Noam Chomsky: Antifa is a ‘major gift to the right’.  As the title states though, its’ thrust was to quote Chomsky, who is among the most famous and influential voices in Left Wing politics, in order to present a problematic view of a “violent” movement that should cause America concern.  With clueless stupidity Nancy Pelosi condemns ‘violent actions’ of antifa protesters, in a textbook case of how Democratic Party politicians assist in enabling the Right Wing forces who are moving our country towards totalitarianism.  The primary tactic used by the advocates of the radical Conservative movement that has captured the Federal Government and most State governments is the use of False Equivalency, which I explain here.

I hold no brief for Antifa,  nor do I think their approach is a viable alternative to peaceful protest.  That said though, there is no comparison between the violence and destruction of the various organizations in the pantheon of American White Supremacists and the actions of a tiny minority within the Anti-Fascism movement, who only reached public notariety through two recent instances. The American White Supremacistshave used violence and threats of violence to engage in literal reigns of terror in many States.  However,  our federal government has been loath to label them terrorists, even though they have been responsible for more than 98% of terrorist incidents in the past decade. By the same token the Trump movement produced 100,000 signatures over three days to label Antifa a terrorist organization.

The political objective of False Equivalency is to defuse criticism of radical conservative statements and objectives, by making the Left appear to be equally culpable. It is vital that the Resistence Movement understand the tactic and the game of False Equivalence.  Ours is a movement of ideas, compassion and empathy espoused by probably 99% of those on the Left,  if a tiny percentage stupidly engages in gratuitous violence, there is no equivalence with the millions of Americans who embrace the Facism of White Supremacy.  There is certainly no equivalence when one considers the well documented terrorism of White Supremacy