The first news that greeted my still tired consciousness this morning was that Trump had rolled back Obama’s ban on providing military grade weapons to police departments.  This news made me queasy because the militarization of America’s police has long been a major concern of mine as I wrote about in SWAT Teams are America’s Martial Law.  Yet beyond my real concerns about the latest totalitarian thrust by this disgusting man,  a small, unoriginal epiphany revealed itself.  While we know from past wives that Trump has longed coveted the Presidency,  it took the election of an elegant Black man with an impeccable education, to finally impel his diseased ego into full time action.  Trump,  the scion of a racist father, has always disliked people of color, but sloppily sublimated his prejudice in the interest of business. Barack Obama’s election though so offended this lifelong bigot that he pushed himself to the forefront of the racist Birther movement.

However,  even then astride that movement of unrepentant haters, the innate laziness of this mentally disturbed individual was not really focused on the PresidencyLooking though at who Trump really is, the inescapable conclusion of the evidence is that he is a spoiled brat,  awash in narcissism that sees himself at the center of the universe.  His innate incompetence, swaddled in the fog of wealth and position,  has convinced him that he is a business genius, despite a long history of failure. While it is clear that Trump is incompetent intellectually,  his shamelessness as a pathological liar; his propensity for fraudulent business practices and his relentless self-promotion;  have made him appear to be a successful entrepreneur, rather than the abject failure of humanity that he really is.  Given his pathology, it is little surprise that both his friends and enemies agree that this putrescent person is most strongly motivated by an uncontrollable desire to revenge himself upon any slight against his character that he perceives.

Because the despicable flaws of this worst of American Presidents has overwhelmed people by a daily barrage of outrage, we perhaps lose track of the motivations of the angry child within this dangerous fraud.  Below are two companion videos of what I think tipped the balance towards Trump’s assault on the White House and engendered within him the overwhelming need to revenge himself upon Barack Obama.  The rollback of the Obama ban on selling military weapons to local police, is but the latest example of the personal motivation of Trump’s Presidency.  He is intent on destroying every last trace of the Obama Administration, in a vain attempt to heal the “wounds” he sustained when the far better human being, paid him back for his racist birther attacks.