The Fault fellow citizens is not with trump, It lies in our acceptance of such a demented person as our Commander-In-Chief                                                                      (Poorly paraphrasing Shakespeare’s Cassius  in Julius Caesar)

As a retired psychotherapist, among other career aspects, I was licensed to diagnose the various psychological disorders as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association.  My years of experience both with patients and with the systems that treated them, such as hospital psychiatric wards, taught me that no matter how authoritative the diagnostician may appear in their diagnoses they could be wildly off base due to a plethora of apocryphal assumptions.  It was because of this that the APA instituted into its’ ethical canon the “Goldwater Rule” which states:

“it is unethical for psychiatrists to give a professional opinion about public figures they have not examined in person, and from whom they have not obtained consent to discuss their mental health in public statements”

From the standpoint of the Psychiatric community this formulation makes sense for the most part.  If you are a licensed professional, earning your living based upon your ability to diagnose and treat psychiatric impairment, you like the rest of us can be swayed by your particular political sympathies to incriminate, or exculpate a given politician’s mental fitness.  The problem with generalized rules though is that it is impossible to construct them to be applicable to all situations.  I believe strongly that we are in a situation in America now that gives lie to the “Goldwater Rule”   in that our political reality is fraught with the obvious danger of a mentally unstable man as President. The good news is that to deal with this new reality we have no need for mental health professionals to provide diagnostic opinions.  The bad news is that it is disheartening to see the reluctance of our political and pundit class to acknowledge the truth that 2/3rds of Americans know in their collective guts. Trump is a Mentally Disturbed, Emotionally Weak and Disorganized President who suffers from narcissism so pronounced that even children can discern it.

The evidence of this President’s unfitness is provided almost daily in his deranged and egotistical Twitter feed.  The lack of sanity is exposed in his insistence that his administration investigate an imagined 3 million illegal aliens that voted for Hillary Clinton, or in his insistence that the U.S. builds a border wall to prevent our nation from being invaded by these illegally voting alien hordes.  I could at this juncture emulate the failures of our media and its’ pundits, by providing facts to refute Trump’s delusions,  but reality has shown that the refutations would only be subsumed by this deranged persons’ expressions of yet further delusive fantasies.  The question devolves upon the point at which those politicians and media people shed the niceties of a public debate that Trump disrespects and pollutes daily. When will all of us go with the certainty in our brains and guts that this is a crazy person holding America’s highest elective office? Here is an excerpt from a well written article My meeting with Donald Trump: A damaged, pathetic personality — whose obvious impairment has only gotten worse.  This was written by a politician who met with Trump in 1994 to seek his support in a race for Connecticut’s governorship:

“I arrived at Trump Tower in early evening, accompanied by my finance chair and an old friend and colleague. Stepping off the elevator into his apartment, we were met by a display of sterile, vulgar ostentation: all gold, silver, brass, marble; nothing soft, welcoming or warm. Trump soon appeared and we began to converse, but not really. In campaigns, we candidates do most of the talking; because we like to, and because people ask us lots of questions. Not this time. Not by a long shot.

Trump talked very rapidly and virtually nonstop for nearly an hour; not of my campaign or even of politics, but only of himself, and almost always in the third person. He’d given himself a nickname: “the Trumpster,” as in “everybody wants to know what the Trumpster’s gonna do,” a claim he made more than once.

He mostly told stories. Some were about his business deals; others about trips he’d taken or things he owned. All were unrelated to the alleged point of our meeting, and to one another. That he seldom even attempted segues made each tale seem more disconnected from reality than the last. It was funny at first, then pathetic, and finally deeply unsettling.

On the drive home, we all burst out laughing, then grew quiet. What the hell just happened? My first theory, that Trump was high on cocaine, didn’t feel quite right, but he was clearly emotionally impaired: in constant need of approbation; lacking impulse control, self-awareness or awareness of others.”

If this were but one anecdote of a personal encounter with Trump, it might be dismissed, but as anyone taking in the news knows this is but one of thousands of similar anecdotes of personal observance of the Trump pathology.  However, the fact is that personal encounters are not necessary, since millions have viewed Trump’s efforts at public speaking.

I would suggest that Trump is actually being treated with far too much respect and deference by the politicians and by the media. Many from those venues will caution you to “have respect for the office, if not the person“.  In light of the ongoing viciousness and outright calumny that characterizes this deranged persons’ attacks on those he perceives his enemies and in light of the clear lack of respect for and adherence to, the political system he heads,  the time for observing political niceties has long passed.  We are struggling against a maliciously unfit President, who unchecked will bring us fascism and ruin.  One does not have to be a psychiatrist to KNOW this man is crazy and for our own safety and the safety of our country, we must drop pretenses and acknowledge the truth openly and forcefully, as we work to remove him from power.


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