So last night my wife and I started watching MSNBC at 6:00pm,  soaking up all of the pre-debate commentary and concluded about 12:00am, after watching and hour and a half of post-debate spin.  Leading up to the centerpiece of the evenings television viewing for about a 100 million people,  I was personally anxious.  It was important to me that Hillary did well. Yet  having watched all of Trump’s debate performances,  I was wondering if his bullying, bluff and bluster would derail the moderator and meet the low expectations the punditocracy have for him.   As it turned out I had little to be concerned about,  save for the continued incompetence of many in the media to provide cogent insight about a Trump performance.

Our corporate media talkers feel constrained by the need to be “fair” in making their commentary and in the process dwell upon false equivalency  when comparing candidates.  The reality of this Presidential campaign to use an animal analogy is like comparing a rooster to a lioness.  The rooster is a dumb creature that lords it over the barnyard chickens and proclaims dominance early each morning.  A lioness lacks a mane,  but she is the master strategist that leads the pack in taking down their prey.  Bad analogy perhaps, but the comparison between the two stands.  Perhaps though my analogy holds up when we look to the man who ghost wrote Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” and now regrets that he did it.

“The pundits are all wondering if that means Trump will bother to prepare for the next two debates (if he deigns to show up at all). But that may not be something he’s actually capable of doing. His former co-writer Tony Schwartz, who knows him well, says that Trump has an extremely short attention span and is unable to study or learn in any concentrated way.”  Heather “Digby” Parton: Hillary Dominates and Donald Trump Gave the Worst Debate Performance Ever

Watching last night’s debate,  unique in that the split screen allowed you to watch both candidates,  one saw Trump’s visceral reactions when Hillary was speaking. Trump’s ever mobile features twitched into barely conceived anger, fearful confusion and childish petulance. Objectively, Trump speaks with the patter of a 10 year old boy trying to be the schoolyard bully.  It may have played well with some people in the confusion of the Republican debates, with a field of less than distinguished candidates,  but even her detractors admit that Hillary is a pro when it comes to preparation and delivery.

A better analogy I suppose is that “The Emperor Has No Clothes”.  Trump is a shallow narcissist, born to wealth, who has built a reputation based upon public relations, a reality TV show and a talented perpetrator of business frauds.

“Last night Donald Trump demonstrated not only that he didn’t prepare but that he has no underlying knowledge of the subjects a president is required to know. He simply tried to bluff his way through with incoherent misdirection, hostility and sarcasm, even as he made the absurd claimed that his temperament is his best quality. He gave the worst debate performance of his short political career. In fact, it may have been the worst debate performance of any political career.”  Heather “Digby” Parton

It was when I read the following words from “Digby” though that I felt most relieved of my Trump anxiety,  because the same thoughts have bothered me throughout this whole bizarre campaign season:

“I confess I have been somewhat surprised that so many people find his rambling “braggadociousness” appealing enough that they fail to notice that he is ignorant about everything important to the job of president.” Heather “Digby” Parton