Our dumb and disturbed President has his minions hectoring Congress to budget billions to build his “Big Wall” on our southern border with Mexico.  When Trump made his opening speech of his campaign for the the Republican nomination, it began with a bigoted demonization of Mexican immigrants as “thieves and rapists“.   The Trump opening gambit in his positioning as a Presidential candidate,  was to seize control of the racist “Birther Movement”, made up of people who hated the fact that we had our first “BlackPresident.  Given that, the extension of his vicious approbation to Mexicans,  was merely his widening the amount of people he would demonize to play upon the racist fears of his core followers. It was in that opening speech when he first proposed a “Wall” on our Southern border:

“I will build a great wall — and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me –and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words.”

Afterwards,  throughout his campaign and beyond,  Trump used “Building the Wall” as a metaphor to signal his followers that he would be tough on immigration and by extension “tough” on all people of color.  Although it would be easy to dismiss the many followers of Donald Trump as being dumb and dumber for thinking that his “Wall” would protect America from illegal immigration, the record shows that most of his followers understood he was talking metaphorically, even if he didn’t understand that himself.  The “Wall” metaphor satisfied Trump’s followers though, that their candidate would protect the status and privilege of “White Americans” and punish people of color for having the effrontery to want equal rights.  Trump’sMake America Great Again”  was a companion meme for the “Wall”,  which like other “Walls” throughout history connoted “safety” to fearful populations, yearning for protection from hostile outsiders.

Here’s the thing though,  Trump is not a smart man, in the sense of having insight into his own  psyche, or any real depth of understanding about most issues.  Trump is a preening, narcissistic Grifter, with the skills of a carnival barker attracting crowds to fixed games of chance. Like any Con-Man, or carnival barker,  Trump is skilled at reading crowds by appealing to their baser instincts and feeding their innate greed,  bigotry and anger.  However,  I believe that when it comes to Trump’s understanding of his own actions and words he is clueless.  As a narcissist he is almost bereft of the ability to nurture his own self worth.  He craves the approval of the outside environment to prove to himself that he is worthy.  As a Con-Man he is adept in the ways of manipulating people, alternating between intimidating and cajoling others, in the mold of the classic bully.  Thus the Trump obsessions with polls, ratings and press coverage, because it is through those metrics that he measures himself.

The really scary problem with all of this is that this unworthy and incapable person, has risen to the highest office, of the most powerful nation on the planet.  The position of President of the United States is one of such power, that people slavishly seek to enhance their own status and willing to do the bidding of their Leader.  In the service of their personal ambition, these minions of authority, will subordinate their own intelligence to make that Leader’s whims and foibles into reality.

Trump’s “Big Wall was all along a metaphoric signal of his willingness to protect the perquisites of  “White Americans” and thus attract a core of bigoted Americans to his cause. No one with any sense, or intelligence, actually believes that the billions of dollars that would be spent on building the “Big Wall” would yield any concomitant benefits in protecting our country. Yet Trump, pitifully shallow and dumb,  had such positive feedback at his campaign rallies, that I am certain he believes that the “Big Wall” he will build, would provide a lasting legacy of proof that he was a “Great Man“.  Sadly, there are many in the Republican Party and in the Trump Administration who know better,  but will try to follow this whim of their autocratic leader.  Watch below and be very afraid, not about the “Big Wall”,  but at this disturbed man, his adoring followers and their plans for our future.