While I am not a religious type, I do hope the concept of Karma describes the ultimate fate of the awful human beings among us.  Presently,  perhaps the most awful human being on this planet is Donald Trump, an authoritarian Narcissist puppet of Steve Bannon.  The Trump/Bannon partnership boils down to a dimwitted bully who is addicted to adulation and a sharp-witted “dealer” controlling him by supplying Trump the constant glorification “fixes” that he craves.  Adulation is the only thing that animates Trump’s superficial and diseased soul.  Ugly Steve, is a person whose demeanor proves the theory that ones’ Affect exposes the ugly rot inside some human beings. In his puppet Donnie, Bannon discovered a kindred, yet manipulable soul.

From the early incident of punching his second grade teacher, Donnie has shown himself to be an angry, petulant man child, for whom bullying and bluster compensates for an inability to empathize with anyone but himself. By listening to Trump speak, it is clear that this is someone who in his gut knows his own worthlessness and so tries to portray the opposite to those gullible people who would believe him. Trump’s father’s wealth gave him his start and the ability to hire competent people to guide him through peccadillo after peccadillo caused by his incompetence.  Kellyann Conway, a Joseph Goebbels  clone with bottled Aryan blond hair, providing enough Sturm und Drang to make this fool an appealing candidate to a minority of American voters, unfortunately located in key Electoral College States.  Thus the Presidency has become a sad tale told by idiots, though the guilt resides with many more enablers besides Bannon and Conway.  In the end, though by then it may be of little balm to the rest of us,  Trump, Bannon and Conway are Damned to be doomed by their own degenerate personalities.

For too many years to count, the Republican Party,  under the rubric of a seeming conservative philosophy, has acted as the agent for the oligarchy of wealth, which has ruled our country off and on since its inception. Their task has always been a  difficult one because it entails convincing the overwhelming majority of the public to put its faith in a series of policies that are really harmful to them,  while beneficial to the top one percent.  Because convincing a large majority of people that their best interests are best served by catering to the best interests of perhaps one percent of the population is a cause bereft of logic,  Republican’s have always be forced to rely on more visceral appeals.  Thus their appeals to fear (communism/socialism);  their appeals to hatred (Blacks, Jews, native Americans, Latinos, Muslims);  their appeals to greed (lower taxes, shredded safety net); their appeals to ignorance (Capitalistic Christianity, teaching Creationism, destroying public education); and so on and so forth.  The Republican Party has thus attained and maintained power, by selling its wares through a chicanery, steeped in a lack of integrity.  Now the establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell fall all over themselves to legitimize,  normalize and perform analingus upon their new Fascist Master,  In the end, though by then it may be of little balm to the rest of us,  these leaders of the Republican Party are Damned to be doomed by their own greed, cupidity and will to power.

The Conservative Movement in the United States has always been a Potemkin Village constructed by our Oligarchic elite. At one point in time there might have really been something like a conservative philosophy necessary in maintaining “traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization”.  However,  in the hands of the American Oligarchs, who have displayed their only values to be personal aggrandizement and sybaritic pleasure,  the  “American Conservative movement” merely serves as a pseudo-philosophical cover for a policy of greed and excess to benefit those that have.  The best and most telling expose of this is the tremendous popularity among them of a hack author of execrable romantic novels, who passed herself off  as a philosopher the equal of Aristotle.  Ayn Rand‘s infantile political philosophy, is unworkable on its’ face to anyone with a modicum of intelligence,  yet it serves as a guide for the likes of the Billionaire Koch Brothers, a business loving House Speaker Paul Ryan who has only worked in legislative politics and  Ron Paul a former Physician, Congressperson and Presidential Candidate whose last campaign exposed the bigotry and cupidity motivating him.  Rand’s Objectivism has such cachet among the one percent and those aspiring to be of it, is that in its’ essence its’ message is:  Greed is good and the selfishly greedy are the best.

Since the defeat of their champion Barry Goldwater in 1964,  the American Conservative movement has expended billions in public relations campaigns, propaganda and electoral support for compliant Republican candidates at all levels of government.  The Conservative Mantra is Government is bad, business is good.  These oligarchs saw the necessity of selling this simplistic falsehood,  because they resented government preventing them from looting all they surveyed.  The innate rationale of the United States of America was expressed by the first and greatest Republican President,  who said “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Sadly,  by their demeaning of government because it restricts their personal freedom, these one percent oligarchs have undermined the unity of the country and exacerbated the divisions among us that have led to the election of the illegitimate,  Fascist Trump.  These purveyors of hatred of the U.S. Government working to personally enrich their over-laden coffers, while destroying the people’s sense of unity, are Damned to be doomed by their own greed, cupidity and will to power.

Finally we come to the Angry Trump Voters,  who have elected a Fascist to the Nation’s highest office.  While I concede that there were more than a few disparate reasons for voting for Trump among these groups,  in the end their malodorous choice has no logical validity, if one assumes even a modicum of intelligence.  Instead the Trump voters choice came down to the maelstrom of their own emotional stability.  This is so because anyone who doesn’t see that Trump is an inarticulate, bullying lout, by dint of his public utterances and tweets,  is not responding to his vile verbiage,  but to their own inner needs.  Admittedly those needs are diverse to some extent, though in their diversity seems to overlap depending on the particular Trump supporter.  The schematic of the needs Trump catered to are:  FEAR (of the “other” or of financial disaster); HATRED (of people of color,  Muslims, foreigners); HOPELESSNESS (in the face of vanishing employment,  loss of “White Privilege”,  feeling powerless and Christian marginalization); GREED ( lower taxes for me and screw the rest of you). Thus we see the punditry trying to explain the irrationality of Trump’s victory by looking towards “White Working Class”  voters in “Rust Belt States” making the choice of Trump economic, while downplaying his tawdry message of racism and bigotry.  Those formulating this, seem to forget that the overwhelming majority of people of color in this country are also of the working class. For electing this terribly unqualified man, with a clear history of racism and bigotry, these Angry Trump Voters are Damned to be doomed by their own carelessness, cluelessness and failure to reason.

So since I have used it here repetitively, what do I mean by the Damnation I keep throwing about?  Those who stop by here could hardly miss that I have become obsessed by t he comparison of Trump to Hitler.

The basis for my thoughts on this piece came from a movie I saw back in 1969, when I was 25. The context for me was that Nixon had become President, the movement against the war and for social justice seemed stymied and personally I was going through a marital breakup because I refuse to give up my Hippie sensibilities and settle down.  The film I saw, that blew me away was :

The Damned (Italian title: La caduta degli dei [literally “The Fall of the Gods”]) is a 1969 Italian-German drama film written and directed by Luchino Visconti. The plot centers on the Essenbecks, a wealthy industrialist family who have begun doing business with the Nazi Party, a thinly veiled reference to the Essen-based Krupp family of steel industrialists. The Italian title is the conventional translation of the term Götterdämmerung (with its Wagnerian association), but for the German version, the title Die Verdammten (“The Damned”) was chosen. All versions use Götterdämmerung as a subtitle, however.”

You can follow the link to read the Wiki synopsis of this magnificent, though quite disturbing 3 hour movie, but here let me cut to the chase.  The opening scene of this movie begins in the dining room of a magnificent German Castle,  showing the dinner of a family of immense German wealth and power.  Baron Joachim von Essenbeck, who represents the old aristocratic Germany and detests Hitler,  leads the conversation at the head of the table.  This family, a  bastion of German Aristocracy are contemptuous of Hitler, the upstart, vulgarian Austrian, but as the movie progresses first believe that they can use the NAZI’s for their own selfish purposes and discard them.  By cooperating with the NAZI’s,  the family is drawn into their orbit and its proud aristocratic illusions begin to drop away as it becomes subservient to and then slaves of Hitler’s reign. The family descends into murder, debauchery, incest and finally extinction as their massive Steel Company falls under the control of the NAZI State.

The obvious message of the movie, so powerfully and so beautifully related, is that once you cooperate with evil, even if you have the hubris to believe you can control it,  you will become consumed by and eventually destroyed by, the Evil you tried to control.  Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist, with a limited attention span and a vengeful hatred of those who disagree with him. He is President now,  though illegitimate, by dint of the types of people I’ve detailed above.  For many of them, people of wealth and power in our country, they understand Trump’s  vile persona, but like the hapless Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, they believe that they can manipulate Trump for their own selfish ends by catering to his vanity.  They have traded  whatever values they might have had to do business with Evil and ultimately that Evil will demean and destroy them through the bad karma of their own faithlessness.  While it is true that a movie is not life, nor reality,  we saw how Hitler and his minions eventually destroyed themselves.   In the end, though by then it may be of little balm to the rest of us,  Trump, and his enablers are Damned to be Doomed by their own self-serving and degenerate personalities.



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