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White Privilege

“Southern Heritage” Celebrates American Treason and NOT American Cultural Ideals

The racist currently installed as President, by those whose greed, anger and hatred trumped human decency, has cavalierly referred to preserving "Southern Heritage" as the rationale for a ragtag group of demonstrators to rally in Charlottesville, VA.  The ensuing riotous... Continue Reading →

The Sick Racist Hypocrisy of the Second Amendment Chorus and the Police’s Double Standards

Most times when I write a post I try to supply links to back up my argument,  in the case of the Second Amendment hypocrites, I think that the public record that exists provides overwhelming proof that they are covertly... Continue Reading →

Ben Carson: They’ll Vote for Him, But Wouldn’t Want Him to Marry Their Daughter

When my age was in the single digits, in the 1940's and 1950's, Jews were only beginning to become accepted in America. One of the jokes a young Jew like me often heard regarding a Jewish man was: "He's a... Continue Reading →

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