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The Alt-Right is a Fascist Movement That Supported Trump, As Shown By Its’ Own Quotes

This was published September 1st of 2016 while the 2016 Election campaign was at its height, but it seems so appropriate now, I am re-posting it: Alt-Right is the name given to itself by a loose knit American movement that... Continue Reading →

A Multi-National Get Something Right About American Racism…..But Their Message is Denied

From my perspective I imagine one of the worst aspects for people of color in their dealing with the indigenous racism of America, is that their all to valid complaints are discounted and denied.  Therefore when our country elects it... Continue Reading →

The Death of American Empire Brought to You By the Man Who Promised to Make America Great Again

The Roman Empire is what our historians use as an example of what the concept of empire is.  Our American mythology is such that we eschew the label "Empire", even as our country has been engaged in the longest war... Continue Reading →

In the Age of Trump, Blame It On Obama…..Over and Over Again

Many of us are angry and frightened that our nation has elected a childish, narcissist con man as President. To the majority of people who have been observing this creation of empty celebrity through the years,  the idea that he... Continue Reading →

Nobody Asked Me But………………G20 Edition

Nobody Asked Me But.................................. Why does a meeting of the world's richest countries to set policies of world banking and world trade seem to exclude almost all African nations and most Silk Road Nations?     Given that nuclear, or... Continue Reading →

So Trump Bombed Syria, Was It a Scam to Raise His Popularity?

Seymour Hersh is probably the most distinguished American Investigative journalist around today.  He became famous and won a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War.   Hersh recently wrote an article on the bombing of the Syrian... Continue Reading →

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