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They Claim to Be the “Real Americans”, But Trump and His Followers Are Merely Racist Bigots

Perhaps the most egregious Big Lie spun by so many on the Right Wing of this nation's politics, is that THEY represent the "Real Americans" and the "Real America".  I can't pin down whether this Big Lie is the result of stupidity,... Continue Reading →

The “If It Looks Like a Duck Test”: Trump is Merely a Malignant Fool and Not a Political Mastermind

Below are four aphorisms of logic that we can handily use to show that Trump really is the malignant fool that he seems to be.  Unfortunately, the true impact of Trump's malevolently  irrational behavior has been mediated by the mainstream... Continue Reading →

If You’re Angry About Kneeling Football Players Because of Our Troops…..You Are Either a Fool or a Racist!

Our race baiting, narcissist President has started a culture war against Black NFL football players in order to distract from his Russian treason.  More than a year ago Colin Kaepernick,  a National Football League Quarterback refused to stand during the... Continue Reading →

The Real Origin of Our National Horror: Trump’s Revenge

The first news that greeted my still tired consciousness this morning was that Trump had rolled back Obama's ban on providing military grade weapons to police departments.  This news made me queasy because the militarization of America's police has long... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Afghanistan War Speech: What Perspectives Pundits Seem Blind About

After listening to the Afghanistan speech Trump read from the teleprompter, I was struck by two elements that I kept tuned in to hear the Cable News pundits talk about.  I was only mildly surprised that they missed the fuller... Continue Reading →

Déjà vu All Over Again: Watergate, Trumpgate and Nazi’s the Same Old Republican Excuses Per Keith Olbermann

Having reached and surpassed the age of 70, I am able to claim insight born of experiencing the news reports of eight decades and how much things remain the same in our ever-changing world. Below Keith Olbermann reprises the significance... Continue Reading →

Paul Ryan, Teddy Roosevelt, Adolph Hitler and Eugenics

Congressman Paul Ryan said: “We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work.... Continue Reading →

A Multi-National Get Something Right About American Racism…..But Their Message is Denied

From my perspective I imagine one of the worst aspects for people of color in their dealing with the indigenous racism of America, is that their all to valid complaints are discounted and denied.  Therefore when our country elects it... Continue Reading →

A White Ex-Cop Nails the Truth of Police Murders of People of Color

A bigot was elected President and appointed an Attorney General with a racist background. This Attorney General wants to re-vivify America's racist War on Drugs, so even more people of color can miserably languish in private prisons and be prevented from... Continue Reading →

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