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If You’re Not Angry and Fearful About Trump…..I Have No Time For You!

Just to be clear at the outset of this polemic, I am enraged that this malignant buffoon became our President and I fear for the futures of my progeny.  In my 70's, having almost died 7 years ago, prior to... Continue Reading →

In the Age of Trump the Eternal Cluelessness of the Avenging Mind

The election of Donald Trump entails far more than our country being led by an angry, revengeful narcissist,  who only sees the world as a reflection of his needs.  Supporting this man, once you get past the greedy oligarchs demanding... Continue Reading →

Nobody Asked Me But……This is Why Hillary Lost and a Fraudulent Narcissist Became President

With the release of Hillary Clinton''s book What Happened a predictable media firestorm has erupted riddled with press pundit's punishing her once again for daring to speak her mind.  Much of the critiques of her book devolve around the premise that... Continue Reading →

In the Age of Trump Not Trusting Police is Rational Behavior

There have been three incidents in the past week that should cause any citizen to begin to question just where Trump, the "Law and Order" President and his racist Attorney General henchman are planning to take the American Criminal Justice... Continue Reading →

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly In the Age of Trump

As the dog days of August gave way to to a politically bleak September, this past week has been filled with the stuff of tragedy, fears and depression.  In reviewing the week I tried to categorize the news stories I... Continue Reading →

The False Equivalency of Antifa and the White Supremacist Movement

Ever since Trump seemingly applied equal approbation to both sides after Charlottesville, the American Mainstream Media has been bending over backwards to caution us about the dangers of Antifa.  "Trump has prompted anger for drawing a moral parity between white... Continue Reading →

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