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Call Me Queer!

The loathsome human being who has become President, tweeted a policy decision that affects our Armed Forces: "After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals... Continue Reading →

Majority Rules…..But Not In The Minds of Those Funding the Conservative Movement

In America we only have the pretense that the Majority Rules in a Democracy that is dedicated to empowering the will of the people.  Sadly,  that belief comes from a history where the populace has been mollified by this pretense, ... Continue Reading →

Trump Can Even Make a Racist Sympathetic…………..Only Briefly Though

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III arguably was the most important politician responsible for getting Trump elected. Jeff Sessions was the first United States Senator to endorse Trump, which provided Trump a facade of legitimacy as a candidate. Sessions then spent months on the campaign... Continue Reading →

Thursday Resistance: Keith Lays Out Why We Should Impeach Treasonous Trump

No matter how obvious the frightening reality of our illegitimate President is, as revealed by our corporate media newscasters,  they are reluctant to state the obvious steps required to protect our America.  In my opinion there is enough evidence  already... Continue Reading →

Resistance Wednesday With Keith: Trump Junior Edition

Keith Olbermann draws some interesting parallels about what Donald Trump knew about his top campaign coterie meeting with a Russian lawyer.  With a stupidity that seems to be a main feature of the Trump Family,  Junior has brought all of... Continue Reading →

Proof That the NRA is a Racist Organization Hiding Behind the Constitution

The truth is that the National Rifle Association (NRA), is not an organization whose sole interest is protecting the right of all American people to bear arms.  The NRA is an Ultra-Right Wing Organization, supported by the gun industry and... Continue Reading →

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