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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly In the Age of Trump

As the dog days of August gave way to to a politically bleak September, this past week has been filled with the stuff of tragedy, fears and depression.  In reviewing the week I tried to categorize the news stories I... Continue Reading →


The False Equivalency of Antifa and the White Supremacist Movement

Ever since Trump seemingly applied equal approbation to both sides after Charlottesville, the American Mainstream Media has been bending over backwards to caution us about the dangers of Antifa.  "Trump has prompted anger for drawing a moral parity between white... Continue Reading →

A Timeline of Trump Trickery, Thuggery and Treason

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the current presidency is that this unstable person's nature is such that we are almost daily confronted with new outrages.  This indeed has been Trump's lifetime technique of obfuscation in order to cover up... Continue Reading →

A Multi-National Get Something Right About American Racism…..But Their Message is Denied

From my perspective I imagine one of the worst aspects for people of color in their dealing with the indigenous racism of America, is that their all to valid complaints are discounted and denied.  Therefore when our country elects it... Continue Reading →

A White Ex-Cop Nails the Truth of Police Murders of People of Color

A bigot was elected President and appointed an Attorney General with a racist background. This Attorney General wants to re-vivify America's racist War on Drugs, so even more people of color can miserably languish in private prisons and be prevented from... Continue Reading →

The Deceitful Language of the Republican Agenda, Or What We Are Resisting In the Age of Trump

While language is what distinguishes us humans from the rest of the animals, the nuances of language are so diverse, that often it can be used to confound and confuse us.  We see that in politics language can be twisted... Continue Reading →

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