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If You’re Angry About Kneeling Football Players Because of Our Troops…..You Are Either a Fool or a Racist!

Our race baiting, narcissist President has started a culture war against Black NFL football players in order to distract from his Russian treason.  More than a year ago Colin Kaepernick,  a National Football League Quarterback refused to stand during the... Continue Reading →

“Tax Reform” Means the Rich Get Tax Cuts – We’ve Seen This Horror Movie Before

Now that they've frightened most of us Americans with their failure to "repeal and replace",  the corrupt Congressional Republicans are actually getting down to their real agenda, which they falsely call "tax reform".  The majority of the American people actually... Continue Reading →

Five Things We’ve Learned (Or Haven’t Learned) About America in the Age of Trump

When I was a boy, so long ago, the 21st Century was a science fiction dream in a distant, hopeful future where the world be a better place and full of wonders. America was the land of the victors, with... Continue Reading →

How We Know That Our America is Getting Crazier Than We Could Have Imagined

With a five day hiatus, while driving South to my home, I had a lot to think about while behind the wheel.  In the almost ten months since our country elected a dim witted Reality TV star as president, each... Continue Reading →

Impeaching Trump is Just the Opening Gambit, Taking Back Our America is the End Game

So many millions of us are living with the anger and frustration of having an obviously despicable human being as President,  that in our discomfort and discontent all we desire is his removal from office.  One doesn't need polls to... Continue Reading →

In the Age of Trump Not Trusting Police is Rational Behavior

There have been three incidents in the past week that should cause any citizen to begin to question just where Trump, the "Law and Order" President and his racist Attorney General henchman are planning to take the American Criminal Justice... Continue Reading →

You’re Dead to Me Heidi Heitkamp With Your Losing Bi-Partisan Ways

To my mind the ideal of Bi-Partisanship that many purported Democrats and most of the Washington Beltway Pundits cling to is stupid and self-defeating.  Repeating themselves time and again throughout 2016 and now 2017, are news media pundits longing for... Continue Reading →

The Betrayal By the American Conservative Movement Has Given Us Trump

We await the pronouncement by a Trump minion as to the fate of perhaps 1.7 million people, whose continued residency falls under the program called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), instituted by President Obama. The narcissistic racist who is... Continue Reading →

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly In the Age of Trump

As the dog days of August gave way to to a politically bleak September, this past week has been filled with the stuff of tragedy, fears and depression.  In reviewing the week I tried to categorize the news stories I... Continue Reading →

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