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A Multi-National Get Something Right About American Racism…..But Their Message is Denied

From my perspective I imagine one of the worst aspects for people of color in their dealing with the indigenous racism of America, is that their all to valid complaints are discounted and denied.  Therefore when our country elects it... Continue Reading →

Nobody Asked Me But: It’s Time to Ditch This Combed-Over Loser

Nobody Asked Me But:......................... When this Loser-In-Chief has to receive a Special Folder  twice a day filled with positive news stories and flattering photos, maybe it indicates that he is a mentally disturbed child, unfit to lead. Governmental Policy defined... Continue Reading →

Not Really About the Malicious Immigration Policies of our Racist President

Yesterday marked the sad 73rd anniversary of the date when the Gestapo arrested the brilliant 15 year old Jewish girl Anne Frank and all the other occupants of an Amsterdam attic.  They were sent to the infamous Bergen-Belsen concentration camp,  where she died... Continue Reading →

The Deceitful Language of the Republican Agenda, Or What We Are Resisting In the Age of Trump

While language is what distinguishes us humans from the rest of the animals, the nuances of language are so diverse, that often it can be used to confound and confuse us.  We see that in politics language can be twisted... Continue Reading →

Republican Racism Made Trump Their Logical Choice and So Opposing Racism is a Key Element of Resistance

One dominant theme of American politics, often its' most dominant theme is racism. This is particularly true as it applies to those Americans we call "Black",  an appellation which itself reflects a bigoted pseudo-science Eugenics.  The history of our America, rising... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day: A Meditation on Ritual

For an old Hippie like me the idea that I would love my family’s ritual of “Father’s Day” seems at first silly and vapid.  The fact that a made-up holiday, dreamed up for commercial benefit, could add meaning to my... Continue Reading →

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