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Which is Worse….A Madman, or a Fool, With Their Finger on the Nuclear Trigger?

Which is Worse....A Madman, or a Fool, With Their Finger on the Nuclear Trigger? I pondered this question as I read an article posted my longtime collaborator,  SwarthmoreMom, in yesterday's comments section.  As President the unstable Trump is followed around... Continue Reading →

We Know What We Are Resisting, But What Exactly Are We Resisting For?

Our resistance is building from the ground up all across our land, as we engage in the struggle against an incompetently malicious President, elected by dint of racism, prevarication, religious fanaticism and most likely espionage.  It is easy for some... Continue Reading →

A Short Essay on the Truth of the Health Care Problem

While I think those of us actively resisting the Age of Trump can for a brief respite pat ourselves on our collective backs for last night's failure to pass the "Skinny Health Care Bill",  we must remain aware that we... Continue Reading →

A Modest Climate Change Proposal That Makes Sense Even in the Age of Trump

Mark Sumner at DailyKos Has 11 Simple Theses on Change We Need In the Age of Trump

Cutting through the obfuscation and authoritarian adoration whom those of repressive nature  apply to someone who becomes an American President, the simple truth is that our American Democratic system failed us in electing a malignant, dithering narcissist as President.  We... Continue Reading →

Republican Racism Made Trump Their Logical Choice and So Opposing Racism is a Key Element of Resistance

One dominant theme of American politics, often its' most dominant theme is racism. This is particularly true as it applies to those Americans we call "Black",  an appellation which itself reflects a bigoted pseudo-science Eugenics.  The history of our America, rising... Continue Reading →

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