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Goodbye and Thank You!

Sometimes in life I've found that as much as I try to behave like the person I see myself as, I fall far short of my mark.  Today I came face to face with something that I've done, that causes... Continue Reading →

Trump, Weinstein and Pence: Three Faces of American Misogyny

Perhaps the most ironic feat of conservative hypocrisy of the past month has been the alacrity with which the Right Wing has been castigating the Left about Harvey Weinstein. The talking points parroted by so many conservative commentators has involved... Continue Reading →

Inflaming the Delusions of Trump and the Republicans is the American Myth of “Rugged Individualism”

Almost all of the dangers now facing our country, in this Age of Trump with Republican Control of Congress, stem from the primary American Myth of "Rugged Individualism".  Belief in this mythology is at the base of the Republican hatred... Continue Reading →

Nobody Asked Me But……This is Why Hillary Lost and a Fraudulent Narcissist Became President

With the release of Hillary Clinton''s book What Happened a predictable media firestorm has erupted riddled with press pundit's punishing her once again for daring to speak her mind.  Much of the critiques of her book devolve around the premise that... Continue Reading →

Proof Positive That Many Trump Supporters Are Ignorant Fools

The following is so self-explanatory and self-evident that it is presented without my interpretation: Posts flood Twitter blaming Obama for Katrina response: "The posts appear to be responses to criticism of Trump’s visit to Texas on Tuesday in the wake... Continue Reading →

Trump Knows About “Fake News”…..It Was “Fake News” That Got Him Elected

The 2016 election was won by a person who ran a disgustingly racist campaign, was disliked and distrusted by the majority of Americans and whose fraudulent past was buried under the false mythology of his competence.  By the same token,... Continue Reading →

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