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Gestalt Psychotherapy

Goodbye and Thank You!

Sometimes in life I've found that as much as I try to behave like the person I see myself as, I fall far short of my mark.  Today I came face to face with something that I've done, that causes... Continue Reading →


Father’s Day: A Meditation on Ritual

For an old Hippie like me the idea that I would love my family’s ritual of “Father’s Day” seems at first silly and vapid.  The fact that a made-up holiday, dreamed up for commercial benefit, could add meaning to my... Continue Reading →

Meditation, Awareness and Driving a Car

People are often confused by the term “meditation” because they connect it to mysticism and Asian religion. My work in Gestalt Psychotherapy and my many years as a patient, taught me to view meditation in a different way. To me... Continue Reading →

A Snap of My Fingers

The descriptive phrase about me under my picture in my high school yearbook was “Mike thinks that life is just a snap of his fingers.” It was written by Hedy Troupin, who was an honor student and the yearbook editor.... Continue Reading →

The Tracks of Our Tears: America’s Empathy Problem

Evolution has provided many aspects of our human organism that may at first glance seem extraneous. With more thought their existence can actually be seen to make perfect sense from an evolutionary context. For instance why do we cry and... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hurt Little People!

One of the nice things that has happened since I started my own site on WordPress, is that I've becomes aware of other people who write about important subjects honestly and movingly. One such blogger, who I follow regularly, is... Continue Reading →

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