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2nd Anniversary Blues….Or Just What the Hell Am I Doing Here?

This will be my 600th post as I celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of ElephantTail.   If you work that out I have written an average of 25 posts a month since I began here,  which by normal standards is a lot... Continue Reading →

Fighting the Thugs For the Future of Our Country

Politics throughout the 5,000 years of known human history has always been a brutal battle for dominance,  where the only rule is win or die.  I know that this is an awful state of affairs,  especially for those like myself... Continue Reading →

Republican Treason?

Two days ago Donald Trump, Jr.,  the dim bulb son of a feckless father,  admitted that during the 2016 Campaign that he had gone to a meeting with a Russian National, who supposedly had damning information about Hillary Clinton, supplied... Continue Reading →

Republican Racism Made Trump Their Logical Choice and So Opposing Racism is a Key Element of Resistance

One dominant theme of American politics, often its' most dominant theme is racism. This is particularly true as it applies to those Americans we call "Black",  an appellation which itself reflects a bigoted pseudo-science Eugenics.  The history of our America, rising... Continue Reading →

July 4th Reprise: The Hypocrisy of “We Honor Our Troops and Thank Them for Their Service”

The militarization of American Society has been going on at least since World War II ended and the vast Pentagon military establishment created to fight that war,  evolved into what I call the Corporate/Military/Intelligence Complex (CMIC).  This great war illustrated... Continue Reading →

If WE Want to Win Back Our Country We Must Understand Who WE Are

If the election of Donald Trump and Republican Control of Congress is to serve as a "wake-up" call to those on the Left Wing of American politics, then our response must come with an understanding of who WE are and... Continue Reading →

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