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More On the Specious Anti-Abortion Feminists and Their Agenda

My post yesterday, Anti-Abortion Feminists: An Oxymoron in Search of the Gullible, was written after I watched a Republican woman on MSNBC,  criticizing the organizers of the  Women’s March for not including an Anti-Abortion Feminist Organization as a march sponsor.  My annoyed reaction was visceral because the subject of abortion is a hot button item with me.  I didn’t realize that there was a widespread discussion of the dis-invitation throughout the media, which was affecting the discussion of the “March“.  Looking more into the background of this particular issue, as it applied to the “March“,  I discovered that a tiny group known as New Wave Feminists(NWF) had first been added to “March“ sponsorship and then dis-invited. Let’s look at what this group stands for and then try to parse out what their real purpose is.

From the “About“ section of the NWF website:

New Wave Feminists are here to take feminism  back from those who have corrupted it. Sometime before we were born our womanhood was traded for a handful of birth control pills, the “privilege” to degrade ourselves in playboy,and the “right” to abort our children.
It’s time for the return of common sense feminism which refuses to exploit women in the name of liberation and create victims while settling for equality. Instead, we will live up to our full potential and demand others rise up to that level as we embrace how strong and bad ass women truly are.Also, we’re pretty flippin’ funny and have totally rad hair.

My curiosity having been piqued by what this group was about, I took some time to look at their blog and other materials, to find out just what they stood for.  This was not easy since there seemed to be nothing that clearly laid out just what are the guiding principles of NWF.  In trying to glean what NWF believes in I skimmed the 111 posts from the beginning of their Blog in 2011. In comparison this will be my 447th blog post published since ElephantTail began August 2015.  This comparison is made not to boast of my ability to write often, but to emphasize that I am only one individual with little resources,  not a 501c organization that seems to be able to travel the country spreading their message.  Yet even in my innocuous little blog,  one is able to clearly understand what my political beliefs are, especially from my post Why I Am a Radical and What That Means.  It can therefore be reasonably inferred that NWF wants to avoid the specifics of who they really are, because with the specifics, people are less likely to support them.  This is why.

Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa of Dallas, TX is Director of Marketing at Architect Search Inc. and is the Founder and President of New Wave Feminists.  Destiny, who writes professionally, has also created almost all the content for NWF’s website and FACEBOOK page.  Destiny’s  CV shows that she writes for the Conservative Dallas Morning News as an OpEd contributor and blogging columnist.  Destiny has also co-hosted an anti-abortion TV show and has had an active career as a marketer and author.  For a relatively young person, Destiny’s accomplishments seem prodigious.  Interestingly though,  Destiny portrays herself in most of her writings as a stay-at-home mom of four young children.  Destiny also admits that her mother was unwed at the time of her birth and that her birth father had nothing to do with her.  Destiny also relates that she too was an unwed mother at 16 who has little to do with her first child’s father.  Destiny uses these biographical facts to give her cache to discuss abortion and to make the point that had she, or her mother, aborted, their children would not exist. also to add context,  Destiny styles herself a  “lifelong Conservative“,  who has a  “leeriness of big government“.

From all of the NWF writings I can discern the following beliefs of this organization.

  • ALL abortions are murder and should be treated that way by the State.
  • There should be no exception for the above including those incidences of rape, incest or health of the mother.
  • When it comes to health of the mother vs. the fetus, the rights of the fetus prevail.
  • Birth control pills should be outlawed.
  • Planned Parenthood is a phony organization and should be de-funded.
  • America’s original Feminists were against abortion [not true]and so today’s pro-choice feminists are not authentic feminists, only those like NWF are legitimate feminists.

So no matter the obfuscation, the anti-abortion issue always must come down to religious beliefs,  bolstered by pseudo-conservative dogma and supported by a belief that sexuality for pleasure alone is sinful.  In our country,  where our First Amendment to the Constitution is averse to establishing a State Religion,  the only way to reach in and deny women the choice over what happens to their bodies, is to deem abortion murder.  I don’t believe abortion is murder, yet I have no problem with those who believing it is, choose not to terminate a pregnancy. However,  who in hell are these preachers of a false morality to want the government to step in and not allow a female to freely choose whether she wants to have a child?  For a Conservative, who believes in minimal government, Destiny want it to be very intrusive where the right of a female to choose is concerned.  No matter how wise in the ways of the younger generation a person like Destiny is,  she is merely using her skills to promote what is clearly an anti-feminist ideology and doing so with a duplicity crafted to sound honest.  She, her organization and others of their ilk should be free to join the Women’s March,  but they had no business being represented as one of the sponsors.


Anti-Abortion Feminists? An Oxymoron in Search of the Gullible

The various Women’s Marches to protest the Trump inauguration were a welcome tonic for those of us who have felt dread and depression since election day.  One of the discordant notes, though minor in the glorious scheme of things, was the  objection of the so called  “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ that they were excluded from a Feminist march. It seemed actually that  these “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ had a whole PR campaign to protest their exclusion from the Women’s Marches. There were spokespeople interviewed on the Cable Networks and pieces like this one in Huffpost:  Anti-Abortion Group Bumped From Women’s March Stakes Out A Place AnywayIn the five decades that have passed since the Roe v. Wade decision,  these Anti-Abortionists have become a force by dint of their deceitful sobriquet “Right To Life“.  By combining this lying meme,  with the patina of religious orthodoxy,  this duplicitous movement has forced the mainstream media to tread lightly when discussing it.  Thus yesterday, in the midst of the coverage for this glorious march of protests, some time was given to the exclusion of the so called “Anti-Abortion Feminists“.  This served as a negative counter-point to the inclusive glory of these marches,  at least in the minds of the pliable corporate media.

As I wrote previously in my 10/22/15 post I Believe in Abortion:

I’m am so damned tired of the nonsense spread by religious extremists in the aftermath of  Roe v.  Wade that I’ve decided that I need to directly come out supporting abortions, rather than weaseling around the subject by just arguing that I’m pro choice.  Ever since the landmark decision Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, power hungry Republicans have teamed with religious extremists, to use abortion as an issue to win elections, raise money, attack the fight for female equality and to advance ideas of human sexuality that literally s come from the “Dark Ages” of human history. Paraphrasing Shakespeare, it is a sad tale told by idiots in the name of a morality bred from ancient social norms and male fear of the power of females. This piece was breeding in my consciousness for years as I’ve watched the retrenchment of modern thought in the United States. This is occurring due to stupid fanaticism, bred by those who would use the anti-abortion movement as a springboard towards power, or a salve for their own fear of living. 

In that post I discussed in depth the roots of “anti-abortionism“ and showed why it is steeped in duplicity and cynicism.  The short version is this:

  • If preventing abortion was really the object of this movement, why is there a one to one correlation among proponents, with efforts to limit birth control and sex education, which would prevent abortions more effectively?
  • If the movement was really “Right to Life“ why do its elected proponents consistently vote against any programs that would aid infants after birth?
  • How come this movement consistently elects people who claim we need less government, when at the same time anti-abortionism brings government intrusively into the lives of female citizens?
  • By allowing abortions no one is ever being forced to have an abortion against their religious beliefs,  therefore the real aim of the “Anti-Abortion“ movement is to get government to enforce their religious beliefs upon others.
  • If all people are entitled to the religious beliefs of their choice, why do these anti-abortionists believe their religious beliefs should not only take precedence, but be imposed upon all women?

To my mind Feminism is a cause that fights for the rights of all females to equally share in  the full rights of citizenship and societal respect.  We have seen Feminism bowdlerized by religious fundamentalist women who claim to be Feminists, although they are actually oppressed by the confines of their particular faith. Many in the “Anti-Abortion“ movement are religious fundamentalists whose canon of beliefs places females below males in their pecking order. That alone is inimical to Feminism. 

As long as these “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ believe that their religious preference overrules the  rights of females to control their pregnancy,  they are not acting as Feminists,  despite their tortured logic. The leadership of these wonderful marches were right to bar “Anti-Abortion Feminists“ from march sponsorship positions.  Their presence on any steering committee would have been inappropriate and inimical to the purpose of these marvelous marches. “Anti-Abortion Feminism“ is indeed a noxious and silly oxymoron


The Specious Roots of the Anti-Abortion Controversy

One of the key issues for many in this election cycle is the open seat on the Supreme Court and the other seats that could open up in the next four year Presidential term.  A big part of the question of who will replace the empty Supreme Court seat is whether or not Roe v. Wade will be overturned, abortion being made illegal throughout this country.  We see that today in many states that there is an ongoing effort to re-criminalize abortion or to prevent women from obtaining an abortion. This issue then is quite important.  My own position is that I believe in abortion as I’ve explained in that linked post.  The Right Wing conservatives and their Christian Fundamentalist allies, are adamantly opposed to legalized abortion and base their opposition upon “The Bible”.  What if though “The Bible”  actually didn’t outlaw abortion and didn’t consider it criminal.  Can it be that they are purposely misrepresenting what “The Bible” says about abortion and what would that mis-representation mean?

Donald Trump,  pandering to the Republican base, has taken a position that abortion should be re-criminalized and that women who undergo abortions should be “punished” along with the doctors who perform them.  Perhaps not all religious, fundamentalist Trump supporters have gone on record in the belief that abortion is outlawed in “The Bible”.  If “The Bible” doesn’t consider abortion a crime,  what then is the entire anti-abortion movement all about? Continue reading “The Specious Roots of the Anti-Abortion Controversy”

Trumps’ Abortion “Gaffe” Wasn’t, What the “Pro-Life” Hypocrites are Really Mad About

The phony “Pro-Life” Movement, or anti-abortion movement said plainly, is up in arms because Trump, after a rough Chris Matthews cross examination, stated he favored some punishment for women who abort, or who seek to abort. You can see the “gaffe” in this clip:

In the wake of Trumps’ statement, under duress, that “there should be some form of punishment” for women having abortions, the media exploded with denunciation from the so-called “Pro-Life” groups, from Republican stalwarts and even from Ted Cruz and John Kasich.  It was of course the antiabortion groups that seemed to have the greatest outrage about Trumps’ statement. There is an important reason for that, but none of the hypocritical people who are against abortion was honest abouto what Trumps’ statement really exposed. Continue reading “Trumps’ Abortion “Gaffe” Wasn’t, What the “Pro-Life” Hypocrites are Really Mad About”

I Believe in Abortion

I wrote this originally at another site on 5/9/14. Yet since the last Republican debate I’ve been meaning to re-post it because I feel those of us who are pro-choice are fighting a losing battle, if we don’t stop playing footsie with those who would limit women’s rights, by acceding that abortion is wrong. It isn’t, as I will explain. Continue reading “I Believe in Abortion”

Hypocrisy, Abortion and the Deceptions of Republican Extremists

I watched the GOP debate last night and was struck by how they were lockstep on one issue to energize their Ultra-Right Wing Christian base. Rather than analyze the lunacy fully, I want to reprise an article I wrote at another venue. I think it sums up my view on these hypocritical predators, as well as anything else I could write about last night’s charade. Continue reading “Hypocrisy, Abortion and the Deceptions of Republican Extremists”

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