Our race baiting, narcissist President has started a culture war against Black NFL football players in order to distract from his Russian treason.  More than a year ago Colin Kaepernick,  a National Football League Quarterback refused to stand during the playing of the national anthem, before a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers on August 26, 2016:

During a post-game interview he was asked why he sat down and stated, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” 

This football season, Kaepernick has been blackballed by all the teams in the NFL, despite the fact that he is better than the many other Quarterbacks that have been hired instead.  Kaepernick’s highly principled stand has found favor with many other players, who have emulated his kneeling when the National Anthem is played before games.

Our America is and has been, a historically racist country when it comes to the people of color who were brought to this country as kidnapped slaves and who as a group have continued to be horribly mistreated after their supposed emancipation.  The were many reasons for Trump’s election including a probably treasonous bargain made with the Russians, but the overriding factor was Trump’s overt racism, which garnered support from a majority of White voters. One of the most destructive features of this racist oppression has been that Black people have suffered opprobrium whenever they have peacefully protested,  merely for trying to call attention to what is so blatantly obvious: Unarmed Black people are killed by Police in inordinate numbers.

Because of this need by many Whites to deny their White Privilege and  consequently their racism, these kneeling protests have been denounced for two obviously phony reasons.

  • Disrespecting the American Flag
  • Disrespecting American Armed Forces Personnel

Colin Kaepernick, took pains to explain that his protest wasn’t about American soldiers, but about the danger Black people face from Law Enforcement Officers.  However, his statements were ignored by conflating it with supporting the troops. Among the most disgusting members of our society are those who use the death and maiming of soldiers in warfare to support their own political aims.  These usages began in earnest during the Vietnam War, as the country began to realize it was a grievous mistake, by trying to silence dissenting voices. It has been used over and again to silence dissent as America has waged unjustified, unwinnable wars, in the name of corporate greed and mistaken militarism.  It reflects a blatant intent to push the American citizenry into supporting what is in fact American imperialism. As I wrote in “We Honor Our Troops and Thank Them for Their Service”:

The obvious place to begin is with the fact that this country does not honor its troops and hasn’t since the 1950’s. Our soldiers in World War II and the Korean War were at least honored when they returned from service with a great deal of benefits that would help them return to civilian life and put the horrors of their war experience at least at bay, if not fully sublimated. Can anyone doubt that the experience of being in a war is one of living through the horror of imminent death and the brutalization of having to harm others to keep oneself from harm?  Facing days on end with ones adrenaline cranked up to maximum,  knowing that death or maiming can come to you in an unsuspected moment,  having to watch the grisly results upon those you kill to protect yourself and your friends,  how then could someone come through this with their psyche unscathed?  Yet when the soldier’s time of war is over and when he or she is returned to the normalities of everyday life,  they do so with little thought or caring from the country that has used them so harshly.

That wars are generally fought with teenagers and young adults, at growth stages too impressionable to be able to successfully incorporate them into adulthood, guarantees that their perspectives are forever skewed by what they must endure to keep alive. This country threw away the lives of more than 50,000 troops in the senseless Vietnam War and left 5 times that number physically and/or mentally maimed. They didn’t return home to an adoring public and despite propaganda to the contrary, they were mostly treated by the war-hawks among us as pariahs, who had failed in their impossible mission. The benefits were slow in coming and meager compared with WWII.  PTSD, which is a real psychological condition, was viewed by many of our more “hawkish” congresspersons as a “failure of toughness” and the Veteran’s Administration actively worked at denying benefits and treatment to the vast amount of troops suffering from it. Many of our Vietnam vets wound up as homeless, which I well know because back then I was a Welfare Caseworker. As we’ve seen in the recent VA revelations, similar lack of care is happening for the veterans of both of the Iraq debacles and the Afghanistan misadventure.

“We Honor our Troops” is also unfortunate and hypocritical because we put them through untold suffering and in “harm’s way” for nothing other than multi-national oil interests, combined with the raging egos of the Bush Administration, where most of the architects of war had avoided military service when they were of age. By using the banal phrase “We honor our troops” we give these insane wars legitimacy on the backs of those who served, because by extension their service was in an “honorable cause”. There was nothing honorable in these causes and in implying there was, we are to my mind doing our troops a disservice. We shouldn’t be “honoring” our troops, we should be apologizing to them for harming their lives and their psyches, for the egos and for the greed of a few.

This past weekend, our President, the Draft Dodger chose to attack Black athletes for their stance against racism, because once again Robert Mueller is getting close to his traitorous collusion with Vladimir Putin.  Thus this megalomaniacal, misanthropic malefactor once again turns to ginning up his bases support, by appealing to to wrongly conflated “issues” entailing a jingoistic, militaristic misinterpretation of legitimate protests. We note that many Trump supporters have gullibly swallowed his nonsense whole and are saying they will boycott.  In my estimation these people are either fools, racists, or both.

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