Now that they’ve frightened most of us Americans with their failure to “repeal and replace“,  the corrupt Congressional Republicans are actually getting down to their real agenda, which they falsely call “tax reform“.  The majority of the American people actually try to do their due diligence as citizens, trying to understand and react to the important issues that threaten our country.  Most Americans are working their asses off trying to just stay afloat financially in a country where the One Percent has greedily usurped our government to increase their wealth and power.

Working long, exhausting hours for essentially less pay, makes it hard for most of us to keep abreast, much less understand, how we are constantly being robbed by a gang of Oligarchs , who see almost all of us as serfs existing merely to cater to their pretensions of Aristocracy.  We, the Real Americans,  not those automatons addicted to the FOX/Breitbart propaganda outlets, struggle to keep informed despite a mainstream media that is unable and unwilling to keep us abreast of how we are being robbed by the One Percent and the many politicians they own at all levels of government.

In America the game of “boom and bust” capitalism has been played throughout our history, where a small percentage of wealthy people speculate wildly, accumulate evermore wealth and then blow up the economy, with no real consequences to themselves.  This fraudulent Trump has literally built his wealth and reputation based upon bankruptcy fraud.  Those banking crooks, who crashed our economy in 2008, walked away with billions and suffered no real consequences, except to those of their employees set up as fall guys. Since 1785 there have been 51 depressions, recessions and panics that befell most Americans, while leaving their entrepreneurial catalysts even wealthier.

In the throes of the Great Depression of 1929, the country elected Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose “New Deal” saved our country. “FDR was called a traitor to his class for proposing the “3 R’s” that encapsulated the aims of the New DealRelief, Recovery, and Reform: relief for the unemployed and poor, recovery of the economy to normal levels, and reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression.” So successful were the ideals and programs of the New Deal, that they were the agreed political standard of the United States for four decades.  This was the mainstream American political philosophy and its’ ideals led the U.S. into becoming the dominant economic and political power on the Planet. Liberal America lasted until a cabal of ultra Right Wing billionaire oligarchs engineered the election of a fading actor, with early onset Alzheimer’s, as President.  This cabal, which dominated the mainstream media and the punditry that fronted for it,  frightened the then leaders of the Democratic Party into believing that there really was such a thing as the Reagan Revolution. Instead of stiffening its’ backbone and remaining true to its’ successful New Deal Ideals, the Democratic Party was corrupted by a group called the Democratic Leadership Council and its’ strategy of Triangulation.

While the wealthy, patrician FDR understood that the most intelligent direction for the members of his upper class in America, was to share the wealth and prosperity with all of the people, the Reagan Oligarchs hated the constraints the New Deal placed upon their wealth and autonomy. They have invested and continue to invest Billion$ in crafting an agenda meant to manipulate us into voting against our own interests.  The “Biggest Lie“ of the Modern “Conservative“ Movement that they use to get elected is bound within the words  “tax reform“ and/or lower taxes.  It is an obvious lie because to the modern “Conservative“ politician their real meaning is lower taxes for the wealthiest citizens and for the Corporations controlled by the wealthiest citizens.

While we of the Resistance have been exhausting ourselves in the struggle for rational, national health care, for almost all of the “bought” Republicans in Congress, the real actions that their oligarch owners demand from them is lower taxes, under the phony rubric of “Tax Reform“. As they have in the past, the Congressional Republicans will claim that their “Tax Reform” program is to benefit the middle class and small businesses.  As in the past they will be lying because what they really want is to give to their oligarch backers the “Tax Cuts” that will increase their wealth, while further starving government on all levels, from the sustenance needed to maintain all of America’s needs. These greedy bastards of mostly inherited wealth and privilege, understand that less government for us, means more power for them.