With a five day hiatus, while driving South to my home, I had a lot to think about while behind the wheel.  In the almost ten months since our country elected a dim witted Reality TV star as president, each new day seems to bring many more examples of the insanity that has overtaken the United States.  The depressing truth though is that this craziness has been a long time coming, but it occurred in small increments that appeared unrelated to each other.  It is all too easy to identify this disgusting person who is now president as responsible for the national disorder we’re in, but in a large sense he is only the detritus washed up by a tsunami of human greed and stupidity assaulting our shores. Politicians, historians, journalists and pundits of all manner can no doubt trace a litany of mistakes and false steps that have led us to this situation and in my small way that’s why I’ve bothered to write these past six years.  I say bothered because I do so with the full knowledge that I have but a tiny voice in these matters, as I clutch the elephant’s tail providing me with an incomplete knowledge of how this craziness all came to pass.  Here are some seemingly disparate items from only the past week that indicate how alarming matters have become.

You Know Things Are Crazy When:

The U.S. President threatens to totally destroy a nation of 25 million people, before a World body created to promote peace among nations.

When the United States Senate is trying to pass a destructive health care bill simply to fulfill campaign promises made to obliterate the deeds of the former president, who is hated merely for the color of his skin.

“You know, I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn’t be considered,” Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley told local reporters, according to The Des Moines Register. “But Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. That’s pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill.”

A former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was twice removed from office because he believes that the sovereignty of God, as he defines it, takes precedence over the U.S. Constitution, is the favorite to be elected that state’s Senator.

Alabama Senate Frontrunner: Evolution Is Fake And Homosexuality Should Be Illegal

The long standing problem of the Air Force Academy’s hierarchy pushing evangelical, right wing Christianity upon its’ cadets, starts showing results when a US Air Force chaplain says Christians who tolerate other religions ‘serve Satan’ and apparently the Air Force hierarchy will do nothing.  This is even though the military oath requires that member will uphold and protect the U.S. Constitution

“part of the problem stems from the AFA’s Colorado Springs location. The city hosts many evangelical parachurch organizations, such as James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, as well as New Life Church, an evangelical church founded by its former pastor Ted Haggard. He added that some of these groups have access to the academy, including cards that get them into dorms. “You have very strong encouragement — basically carte blanche access to cadets by the leadership of the academy by these groups,”

When hurricanes devastate “Red” States and the national media gives a forum to Right Wing Evangelical con men, who claim it is the “judgement of God” because for instance Houston had elected a lesbian mayor. Which is perhaps because they know full well that these States went for Trump.

“These hurricanes are not the result of global warming; they are the Judgment of God because of the innocent blood crying to Him for vengeance,” Terry wrote on Christian Newswire.  Hurricanes for abortions, then. And from this point on in our exploration, God will be dragged into nearly every wild explanation of Hurricane Irma, or Hurricane Harvey before it, or the solar eclipse before that — or the coincidence of all of them, as the more apocalyptic theories elaborate upon.

Re: Harvey, the televangelist Jim Bakker quickly blamed the deadly flood it caused upon God, as Dana Milbank noted for The Washington Post. On Bakker’s YouTube show Friday, a room full of co-hosts added to the list of divine charges: Irma in Florida, wildfires on the West Coast, the eclipse and an especially ominous spate of tremors around the Yellowstone volcano.“Our East Coast is being engulfed in water, and our West Coast is on fire,” Ricky Bakker noted, and asked: “Why is the earth being so shaken?”  He answered himself a few minutes later: “Judgment is coming to America.” He meant a biblical judgment that precedes the Bible’s final, gloomy prophecies — and then the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

Trump still has the overwhelming support of the Christian Evangelical community, that believes he will lead them to an America based upon Jesus’ teachings, even though the man has a history of immorality and fraud. This community, which is a small subset of worldwide Christian belief, has sold out their God and their parishioners by joining forces in crafting a right wing, corporate version of Christianity which doesn’t exist in the Gospels. Unfortunately, for our country, the mass of Evangelicals who claim to be adherents to “their bible and Jesus” really biblically illiterate and follow the oratory of con men like Jerry Falwell, who pick and choose scripture to suit their quest for wealth and power. As well known Conservative political pundit Michael Gerson has written of the Trump/Evangelical affinity:

“First, evangelicals don’t have a body of social teaching equivalent, say, to Catholic social doctrine. Catholics are taught, in essence, that if you want to call yourself pro-life on abortion, you also have to support greater access to health care and oppose the dehumanization of migrants. And vice versa. There is a doctrinal whole that requires a broad and consistent view of social justice. Evangelicals have nothing of the sort. Their agenda often seems indistinguishable from the political movement that currently defends and deploys them, be it Reaganism or Trumpism.

Second, evangelicalism is racially and ethnically homogeneous, which leaves certain views and assumptions unchallenged. The American Catholic Church, in contrast, is one-third Hispanic, which changes the church’s perception of immigrants and their struggles. (Successful evangelical churches in urban areas are now experiencing the same diversity and broadening their social concern.)

Third, without really knowing it, Trump has presented a secular version of evangelical eschatology. When the candidate talked of an America on the brink of destruction, which could only be saved by returning to the certainties of the past, it perfectly fit the evangelical narrative of moral and national decline. Trump speaks the language of decadence and renewal (while exemplifying just one of them).”

Donald Trump is a mentally disturbed, information-ally ignorant, narcissistic fraud of a leader, who is followed because most Republican politicians are more concerned with the desires of their super-rich backers, than the needs of the people that elected them.  These people are willing to set aside the institutions of our country, in order to satisfy their own lusts. In the context of the danger to our country’s future this is crazy.  On the other hand there is the dominionist Christian heresy, sold as Gospel to believers who have no clear understanding of the Christian Bible, by religious hucksters playing on fear. This heresy cons people, who believe that Armageddon is to come in their lifetimes into unconditionally supporting perhaps the least holy person in America, in the name of God. To me this is all insane behavior that will end in the destruction of our country and perhaps the world, if we allow it to prevail.