We have suffered through this national horror for about 25 months since this awful person first announced his election campaign.  He has been President now for seven months and if anything has changed in his activity,  the change has been for the worse.  Yet beyond the 33% of deplorable Americans who would coo approvingly if he murdered someone in plain sight on Fifth Avenue,  there are still many who would urge us to “respect the office, if not the man”.  The premise beyond this attitude is that by acting respectfully towards our President,  we are somehow displaying our patriotic belief in our country.  The converse of this logic would of course be that “disrespecting the President would be unpatriotic”.  Beyond the drivel spewing from the mouths of most FOX News propaganda commentators, there are numerous commentators and pundits from other news outlets, who publicly discuss Trump with the deference tradition has deemed due a United States President. They pay respect to his Presidency, even as they report and comment upon the latest, ludicrous lunacy of Trump’s doing.  Let me try to answer the question I pose in my title with IF as a modifier:

Does a President Deserve Respect Because He’s President…If?

  • His important policy pronouncements are made via the 140 character format constraints of Twitter.
  • He talks about himself in the third person.
  • He exhibits all the characteristics of someone in the throes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  • He is continually making glowingly self-referential speeches where they are inappropriate, such as at the CIA and the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree.
  • He lied about his rival getting 3 million votes from illegal aliens and then created a government commission to give credence to his lie.
  • He uses his office to promote his business interests, which definitely violates the “Emoluments Clause” of the United States Constitution
  • His two top advisors are his Daughter and Son-In-Law, neither of whom has any relevant government experience.
  • He engages in a constant barrage of proven and provable lies.
  • His own aides have leaked that his behavior is childish and petulant when he doesn’t get his way.
  • His aides must produce a twice daily report of his favorable news clippings, or he falls into a raging mood..
  • His aides admit that they have to frequently mention him in their briefing treports to maintain his attention and interest.
  • He refuses to read anything beyond bulleted reports of two pages or less, which of course mention him frequently within them.
  • His main sources of information are FOX News, Breitbart and Infowars.
  • He has no conception of how the government and the Constitution work, which was proven by his not understanding that he was supposed to be actively involved in passing the Republican health care program.
  • He promised to create a health care program more inclusive and cheaper than Obamacare and then endorsed a program that would cost more and where 23 million would lose their health insurance.
  • He has insulted the leaders of almost all of America’s allies, but is peculiarly respectful of and deferential towards, Vladimir Putin, the head of a hostile regime.
  • The evidence is mounting that he colluded with Russia in an illegal attempt to have their intelligence operatives assist in his election via computer hacking.
  • He threatens the first strike use of nuclear weapons when he is unable to name the “Nuclear Triad” that forms the basis of the American nuclear arsenal.
  • His assumption of the office and his actions since his inauguration, have severely diminished the respect for America around the planet.
  • He has refused to unequivocally denounce the actions of the so called Alt-Right”,  which is comprised of NAZI’s, the KKK and a host of White Supremacy groups.

Those are but 20 of the dangerous and destructive failures, foibles and fantasies of this terrible human being, whom a minority of Americans supported for President and who was elected because of the peculiarly undemocratic institution known as the Electoral College. This was a man whose political candidacy was driven by a racist lie against President Barack Obama and by bigoted lies against those who have and those who want to immigrate to our country. He is NOT and never will be my President! My belief is that Trump has so disgraced the office of the U.S. Presidency that he doesn’t deserve any of the respect normally due to that office.  Since he is so despicably proud of his last name, in my opinion he should heretofore only be depicted as merely as Trump without the title of President ever being respectfully attached to that now vile name.

Below from just this past January, which in the ongoing turmoil of Trump seems so long ago, John Oliver catalogues the lies and unfitness of the terrible Trump who had just been inaugurated.  Nothing has changed, they have only gotten worse as time rolls on.